Black Friday Cam Promotions

list of promotions and deals for cam sites Black Friday

Black Friday Sales are not just for shopping. There are plenty of promotions and sales for porn sites and cam sites too. Read on to find the good deals, and you may also want to check on their Christmas promotion to plan your spending.

What is Black Friday

Black Friday is an informal yet important day in the U.S. It is the day after Thanksgiving (a widely-celebrated festival in the U.S.). In fact, over 20 states in the U.S. have observed the day after Thanksgiving or Black Friday as a public holiday. As Thanksgiving takes place on the last Thursday of November, Black Friday sales automatically fall onto the last Friday of November most of the time. The long weekend certainly attracts more shoppers to go shopping. thus it marks the beginning of the shopping season towards Christmas.

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sales are a big thing in the U.S. for some years, until as stated in Wikipedia, in 2014 there was a decline in sales during the Black Friday weekend. The reason being most shops have done the Christmas Creep and have sales and promotions earlier and earlier. Needless to say, Christmas Creep applies to cam sites too.

Black Friday Sale for Sex Cam Sites

I will collect the promotions and deals when they come along in November. Please bookmark this page and come back and check again to see if there are more good deals for you to enjoy your live chat with the hot cam girls.


Flirt4free Black Friday discounts 2022

Flirt4free offers several different discount packages during the promotional period. When I login that was what I saw. It seems you can claim your discount once only per package, but it’s better than Stripchat which only lets you claim the discount once per user. Which one will you go for?

Get your discounts from Flirt4free

Stripchat’s Discount

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Discount 2022 of Stripchat (20% bonus)

Stripchat has Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year bonuses every year. This year, once again I received their promotional email about the bonuses. Just like before, it’s going to be extra 20% tokens thrown in. And if you have an account but have never bought any tokens before, you will get a 25% discount on the $20.99 for 200 tokens package. Here are the details about the 2022 Black Friday discount promotion:

Start: 25 Nov 2022, 8:00 UTC
End: 29 Nov 2022, 8:00 UTC

At this point, I just noticed that in the next section of this article I have the promotion details for 2020. I couldn’t help to compare it and I found that Stripchat used to let you purchase the $49.99 bonus package (with extra 100 tokens) with no limit on how many times you buy it. But this year, each user is allowed to claim the bonus once only. I wonder if this encourages people to create multiple accounts to get the bonus.

Go to Stripchat to collect the bonus

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Promotion 2020 of Stripchat (20% bonus)

Stripchat free 100 tokens

There are going to be bonus tokens available at Stripchat this year from 26 Nov (Thur) 12:00UTC to 1 Dec 12:00UTC for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Details:

Normally, at,

  • $49.99 gets you 540 tokens
  • $20.99 gets you 200 tokens
  • $4.99 gets you 45 tokens

So, the extra 100 tokens Stripchat throws in for Black Friday/Cyber Monday are worth roughly $10. That’s a 20% bonus to your purchase.

There is no limit to how many times you claim this bonus. Every time you buy a $49.99 package, you will get that extra 100 tokens during the promotion period. So, you may consider buying more to spend for the future, if you are already tipping or watching private shows regularly already.

Get 100 FREE tokens when buying $49.99 or more

PS. Check out Stripchat's Christmas promotion which starts on 23 Dec this year.

Xcams’ Deal

Black Friday Deals of Xcams (2020)

Xcams‘ Black Friday discount is not only limited to Friday, it’s available for the whole weekend. You get up to 30% off when you purchase the credits.

Credits packagecostCost/credit
1000 credits$139.99 ($199.99)$0.13/credit
470 credits$69.99 ($99.99)$0.14/credit
225 credits$34.99 ($49.99)$0.15/credit
82 credits$19.99 (no discount)$0.24/credit
40 credits$9.99 (no discount)$0.25/credit
Discount details of Xcams

Notice that the 2 lowest value packages do not have discounts. If you don’t want to spend too much, the $34.99 package is a good compromise; otherwise, the $139.99 package is the best deal.

Get discounts from XCams here Discounts

Pre-Black Friday Discounts of 2022 creeps before Black Friday again. They like to push their pre-Black Friday discount so that you will get more tokens and start spending sooner too. You get 10% extra coins for each package.

The promotion starts on 12 November 2022.

Black Friday bonus of 2022

If you have already used up the tokens you bought during the pre-black-Friday promotion, you can get even more bonuses if you spend over $20 on their token packages. See the screenshot below.

If you buy the $22.99 for 20,000 tokens package, instead of the $2.99 for 2,000 for 10 times (ie. $29.9), you save $6.91 which is just around 29% saving.

Get discount from

Pre-Black Friday 2020 Promotions of pre-Black Friday promotion and sales
Discounted coin package from

Here is the latest discount for Black Friday at It used to be €20.99 for 20k coins, and it’s now only €9.99.

The biggest package 40k coins normally cost €38.99 which is 51% off the list price. So, undeniably, €9.99 for 20k coins is a very very good deal. It even comes with a gift chest with extra coins you may gain. If you are planning to spend on anyway, then I will say, buy as many of this bonus pack as you can, while it lasts.


Bongacams’ Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts 2022

15% discount is given to customers on Bongacams on 25th and 28th November this year. Yes, two separate days, not over the weekend like many other cam sites do. But it does not only apply to high-value packages like other sites. Even the cheapest package like €1.99 for 26 tokens is now €1.69 only. 😊 Check this out and see if you fancy any of their token packages.

  • €1.69 for 26 tokens (~€0.07 per Token)
  • €4.24 for 76 tokens (~€0.06 per Token)
  • €8.49 for 156 tokens (~€0.05 per Token)
  • €21.24 for 462 tokens (~€0.05 per Token)
  • €42.49 for 984 tokens (~€0.04 per Token)
  • €55.25 for 1,260 tokens (~€0.04 per Token)
  • €63.74 for 1,480 tokens (~€0.04 per Token)
Get 15% off at Bongacams

Bongacams’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts 2020

Bongacams’ discount is more specific than other cam sites here. When they said Black Friday, the deal is really ONLY on Friday the 27th. No special offers during the weekend (28 and 29 Nov). Same for Cyber Monday, the “15% off on token package” is for 30 Nov (Mon) only.

The 15% discount does apply to ALL packages, even the lowest value one 1.69€ for 26 tokens, instead of 1.99€.

Livejasmin’s Deals

Livejasmin promotion during Black Friday weekend 2020

Livejasmin doesn’t seem to be doing any special discounts for Thanksgiving, Black Friday or CyberMonday. They have their regular ongoing offer of “Spin the wheel” to win up to 100% extra credits and you purchase credits next time.

"Spin the wheel" and get bonus credits from Livejasmin

Soulcams’ Promotions

Pre-Black Friday 2020 token deals at Soulcams

You will get extra 15% tokens to all purchases you made between 13 – 15 November in Soulcams.

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