Have you been Eiffel Towered?

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Different from “been to Eiffel Tower”, “being Effiel Towered” requires more co-ordination than simply jump on a plane or train to go to Paris.

What is “to be Eiffel Towered”?

It is basically a threesome, typically 2 guys and one girl. The girl gets fucked from behind and in her mouth, while the two guys exchange a High-five over the girl to form the shape of an Eiffel Tower.

Cams.com seeking Eiffel Tower from Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly

Besides visiting Paris, Cams.com is seeking a way for their fans to witness Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly “Effiel Towering” on cam.

According to Cams.com, many people on social media expressed their wish “to be Eiffel Towered by the two of you”. Needless to say, it’s going to be a virtual Effiel Towering. It went further that the two stars are not even necessarily taking their cocks out. It’s all up to them.

To compensate for Pete and Kelly’s precious time, Cams.com is willing to pay up to $1 million for them to show up on their site. All they need is to say yes, and Cams.com will see to the rest of the account setup and all that, ready for the two stars to broadcast.

Up to now, Pete and Kelly haven’t responded yet. We will wait and see.

Who is Cams.com?

Cams.com is a well established porn cam chat site dated back to 1999. It is certainly one of the pioneer of porn cams. One may choose to chat in the public chatroom or “go private” to proceed with more intimate and hot actions online. See my review of Cams.com here if you want to know more.

$1 million offers to celebrities to broadcast on cam sites are not new ideas. It just shows that they are big enough to be able to afford it if it ever happens. If the stars say yes they get the publicity. Even if they don’t respond, it still made the headline.

Ismygirls.com has also offered all 30 NBA teams their hot content on site to keep the teams safe from visiting strip clubs and Instagram models during this difficult pandemic period. It’s all about publicity.

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