He Turned Me Off!

One night, there was this guy PM me in my Chaturbate chatroom and was trying to negotiate a private session……

He started by offering a per minute private chat fee that is one level lowered than mine. (Note: in Chaturbate, the private chat per minute fee are pre-set to 6, 12, 18, 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150 tokens/min) which is not exactly a happy start.

Anyway, after we agreed on the tokens business, he began to question the details about the private chat which is perfectly reasonable.  In fact, it was my habit to ask what would he expect in the private chat coz I want both sides to be happy.  There is no good if I forced myself to do things that he requested but I don’t like. I will just look bored, unenthusiastic and end up being a bad show.  Same the other way.

Him: toys?
Hony: Yes.  I got a couple of dildos and a Hitachi.

Him: show me the toys.

(I showed him the sex toys.)

Him: anal?
Hony: I got a jewel butt plug I can use.

(I presume the varieties of sex toys are ok. No comments from him.)

Him: big tits?
Hony: (I have a loose vest on but no pants, that’s why he asked) Small tits but big nipples, with milk. Hope you like?

Him: what cup size?
Hony: AA

(Presume my small tits doesn’t bother him that much. Then he went on.)

Him: how is your English?
Hony (speaks): I suppose it’s ok though I am not a native English speaker.

(apparently, my spoken English was approved by his standard as he hasn’t disappeared yet. By this time I was quite put off with his blunt questions and without a single positive statement about any of my answers. I started to wonder if he’s going to ask my public exam results. I started to wish he would go away.)

Him: did you say milk?

Him: My son was just awake. Will you be around in 2 hours’ time? Or 10-12 hours? I’ve bought 1000 tokens.

(I was so turned off by his cop-style questioning that I just said I won’t be around in 2 hours and my schedule for tomorrow is uncertain.


I told the guys in Chaturbate about this the next day and we started to talk about what else also turn off the model.  Here is the suggestions from the guys in my room just now for “turn off”:

  1. “open chest bb”
  2. Not reading the bio
  3. Begging for flashes when you are grey
  4. “do you have a tight pussy? or loose?”  (Someone just asked me this question. lols)

Though these do not bother me at all.  You see so much of these you just get used to it. But blunt and rude attitude still do.  Shall I be glad that I am not numb with anything negative and stay human?