Hony’s Chatroom FAQs/AMA

When I broadcast on cam, lots of people come and ask me all kinds of questions.  They are quite repetitive because they are the common opening questions.  Be it my nationality, body features or fetishes.  So, here is a centralized frequently asked questions and answers about me so that you don’t have to check them out at Chaturbate, Bongacams.com, or Flirt4free.

  1. Where are you from? Let’s just say Asia.
  2. Are you Filipina? No, I am not.
  3. Are you really 54? Yes, I am.
  4. Are you shaved or hairy? I have a shaved pussy.
  5. Do you use wax on your pussy? No, I am not into pain. I just use an electric shaver every day.
  6. Your pussy is so neat. Is it natural?  Yes, it’s all natural, no plastic surgery.
  7. Do you pee on cam? It’s against the rules of Chaturbate, but it is possible on Stripchat.
  8. Do you have a boyfriend? I am taken.
  9. Do you meet in real life? No, I don’t meet in real life.
  10. Do you really don’t wear panties? No, I don’t wear panties at all, nor bras for that matter.  I only wear boy shorts panties as though they are really shorts.
  11. Do you squirt? Occasionally but it is entirely uncontrollable and unreliable.  If you see me squirt on cam, then great!  But please don’t try to tip for a squirt show or ask for a private show with squirt as the main feature as I can’t guarantee it. If you are really into squirt cam, check out my post here.

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