If I were Will.i.am

Yesterday, the famous rapper and my favorite coach of The Voice UK  Will.i.am was kicked out from the first class lounge of United Airlines.  The “reason” was that upon showing his membership card as proof, the staff said that his membership card was fake.

He took to Twitter and posted various tweets about the incident and that’s how I first learnt about it.  Today, I check the news and see what the PR of United Airlines said and what action to be taken.  Their response was that:

“We invite only customers travelling in United Global First, customers with Global Services status traveling in United BusinessFirst, and customers traveling in first class on other Star Alliance carriers to visit our Global First Lounges. Since the customer did not meet these criteria he did not have access to the lounge.  We are reaching out to the customer and appreciate his business.”

The response didn’t seem to mention the fake membership card at all.  If the membership card is really fake, it would have been a much stronger reason to kick him out than saying “we are not entertaining celebrity who are trying to abuse use of our first class lounge”.

If Will.i.am’s card is not fake, then it means United Airlines is either:

  • staff are not well trained enough to identify whether a membership card of their company is real or not, or
  • the airline’s computer system does not have a complete and consistent record of their customers, or
  • the staff don’t recognise the star

Qantas Airways’ PRs are doing a much better job.  They sent the star a tweet saying

@iamwill You’re always welcome in our Lounge and we promise not to ask for a selfie 🙂

This makes me think, if I were him, maybe I will write up a new song and make a music video similar to Flo Rida’s “Hey Jasmin”.  The video will show the star walks into an airline’s first class lounge and got rejected by the receptionist.  While they are arguing, the star will login to his account of the airline using his phone.  But when the logging in is successful, the web site sends him to a webcam chat site instead.  On the screen, instead of unwelcoming airline receptionist, our star are welcome with page full of attractive girls who are eager to chat with him.  Lols

Any big cam chat site got the venture capital to approach our star for this idea?


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