Firstchoice Pay, ePayments, who next?

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While ePayments’ suspension is not resolved and many people still cannot access their money, there are more adult sites stop using Paxum as a payment method. Is this the beginning of an end?

Back in Dec 2019, already announced that they would not use Paxum to transfer payout to their partners.

On 26 Jun, the Financial Conduct Authority has suspended Wirecard which is the card solution company for Paxum. This leads to all Paxum branded prepaid Mastercards being suspended and the funds loaded to the card are frozen too.

Today, I just received an email from Gamma Entertainment stating that they will also not using Paxum as a payout method due to “the recent banking events in Europe”.

“Dear valued affiliates,

Following recent banking events in Europe it is not presently possible to process payments via Paxum and we don’t have a clear idea of when that may resume.

We understand the impact this may have on some of you and we are working to find a solution.

In the meantime we highly suggest switching your payout method to wire or check, which will be processed immediately, please contact us for that change.

Gamma remains committed to paying its affiliates as always and we apologize for the interruption.

We remain dedicated to helping you get your payment as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience as we search for other solutions.”

Will more adult sites stop using Paxum and offer alternative ways of payment?

We do need regulatory bodies to make sure all these financial institutes are safe and sound. However, does it mean that only the big companies which have the fund and resources can stay? Meanwhile, many small clients and individuals have their money frozen for months and cannot access their money. When will all this end?

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  1. ePayment was frozen in early 2020 and everybody’s account was suspended. In Dec 2021, ePayment seemed to have finally passed all the regulations and back to limited business.

    First, they need to make every customer re-verify, part of the know-your-customer process before anyone can do anything for their own money.

    Today (13 Jun 2022), ePayment finally told me that I can withdraw my fund to a bank account that’s under my own name. It’s going to be in EUR so a massive 2.6% fee just for converting my fund to EUR. Then it seems to be a flat rate of $15 to send the money through wire transfer.

    Wish me luck it arrives. 😉

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