5 thoughts on “Me in stockings and high heels”

  1. Hi Zhi,

    Thank you love. Do look around and let me know what you think.

    Besides Chaturbate, what other cam chat sites you frequent? Which site is your favorite?

    After all, if you found any good cam sites do let me know and I’ll let others know here. 🙂


  2. yes i been look around it all good. I like your photo here to so cute. I feel special talking to u here
    .i always
    LIKED YOU CAUSE U BEAUTIFUL AND SO SEXY WITH GREAT BODY. Plus u always put great shows on. Just mfc but i think cb the best. see u soon love u

  3. Thank you Zhi.

    I won’t be in mfc for I feel they are far too tense and competitive. I am not interested in all those cam scoring stuff. I would rather do anything I like in my chatroom. So see you at CB. 🙂


  4. yes good I don’t like mfc much either. About 5 yrs back they kick all asain women out. This how I found cb. I hardly every go there now for that reason.

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