Chaturbate payout for models

How to get pay by Chaturbate

We all care about how we get paid after we did all the hard work. Chaturbate has many ways to pay the models.  Here is the options available as at Feb 2020.

Payout with no fees

You can certainly receive the payment without extra costs. And it will be the less efficient old-fashion way.

  1. Check/cheque sent by post – it may take1 – 2 weeks depends where you are
  2. By direct deposit (but USA only)

Payout with small fees (< $10)

These payment options involve a small fees. They are typically the processing fees charged by the third party payment system. One downside is that, these third party payment systems can be quite vulnerable and ultimately closed down for various reasons. We have ePassporte and FirstChoicePay closed down already.  Now ePayments got some problem too.

  1. Pay via Paxum ($0.5 fee)
  2. Pay via COSMO Pay ($1 fee)
  3. Pay with Bitcoin ($3 fee)
  4. Pay via ePayservices (0.6%, so it depends how big your paycheck is)

Payout with higher fees but faster and more reliable

If you want to receive your money fast or reliably, it comes with a cost. A bigger cost. But then again, when money laundering is a concern and many payment options don’t work for your country, then you have to cough up the money even you don’t need it arrives fast.

  1. Fed Ex check/cheque ($40 in the U.S., $80 international)
  2. Wire transfer ($45)

Payout Period and Request for Payout

Chaturbate normally pays every 2 weeks. With keen competition for models among cam sites, they have decided to add an option to let you “request payout” even when it’s not the cut-off period yet, which is a nice touch. One may have sudden expenses requirement and this surely helps.


Do let me know if there is any update on their payment options and I will update it here. Thanks.

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