Limit of spending on

Is there a limit on how much I spend on

The answer is: yes.

For basic members and Premier members, the daily limit of credits purchase is $300. When you have reached the limit, you won’t be able to buy any more credits.

If you really fall in love with a model or want to spoil her and spend more, you have to become a VIP member.  VIP membership is free but there is some pre-requisite requirement before you can become a VIP here.

How to resolve it?

To resolve this, you have to prove to that the credit card is really yours and it does not involve any fraud.  Porn sites worry about being cheated too. There is no shortage of people who buy stolen credit card details and use them on cam sites and porn sites. Therefore, porn sites need to protect themselves too. By proving the legitimacy of your credit card details, you will become a VIP of the site too.  This is how:

  1. Be a paying member for at least 2 months on the site.
  2. You have to download a form, fill it in and send it back.
  3. You also need to send them a copy of the front and back of your credit card which is registered with them.
  4. You may email/fax or post the form and the credit card copy to them.
  5. Wait for approval
  6. It is FREE.  No extra cost.
  7. Alternatively, if your favorite model also broadcast on other cam sites at the same time, you may switch to the other site and continue to tip her or start a private show too. Check out my article about spending limits of different cam sites and find one that suits you.

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