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How to get unbanned from Chaturbate

There are times when someone said something wrong or something happened purely by accident and you get banned from a cam. How do you get unbanned? I am going to use Chaturbate as an example but the same principle may apply to other cam sites if you happened to be banned on other cam chat sites too.

What happens when you get banned from a chatroom

I presume you are getting banned by a performer/model in his/her chatroom and not because you have tried to cheat and hack a cam site and got banned by the cam site itself. You will find yourself:

  • Still being able to login to the cam site.
  • Still can watch and chat with many other online cam girls who haven’t banned you.
  • The model will NOT appear in your list of Followed Models.
  • Still be able to go to the URL of the model who banned you but it won’t show his/her chatroom. Instead, you will be told, “Access denied. You are banned from this room”. See the picture above.
  • You are not allowed to go in to watch and chat with that model.
  • You cannot see the model’s profile at all.
  • You won’t be able to see the pictures and videos you have bought from that model.
  • You can’t send tips to the model.
  • You can’t follow the model.

How long does a ban last on Chaterbate

How to ban a user in Chaturbate

There are multiple levels of bans on Chaturbate. a model can:

  1. Silence a user for 6 hours by default.
  2. Ban a user for 1 month by default.
  3. Ban a user permanently.

How to get unbanned

Before you work out how to get yourself unbanned, you may need to find out WHY you got banned in the first place and see if it can be explained or apologize for. There are many reasons, both intentional or unintentional. For example,

  1. You make requests that are against the site’s terms and conditions. Maybe you requested some actions/niches that are against the rules. Or you provide your own contact details to the models so that you two can arrange a cam show outside Chaturbate and etc. Models won’t want to get into trouble with CB and would rather the whole topic goes away by banning you.
  2. You are considered rude to the performer or other people in the room. This may include something as minor as chatting in CAPITAL LETTERS. Yes, some people may be as sensitive as that.
  3. If you are also an age-verified broadcaster on Chaturbate and some models may stop other broadcasters from visiting her room by changing the settings. Models won’t want other models to come to her room to watch or worse, advertise themselves to her guys.
  4. You are considered disturbing to the chatroom and not contributing. People who just beg continuously for the same request and not tipped even once will get silenced or banned very quickly.
  5. Your account was hacked and was misused to advertise for other models or sites and got your account into trouble with the models.
  6. Unintentional factors – for example, a technical problem of your device caused you to pop in and out of a chatroom frequently and causing a nuisance to the model. It happened to me once and I did ban him. Read my whole story about it here.

Ways to get unbanned by the cam girl

It would have been more difficult to get unbanned in the old days, but thanks to social media and all the Onlyfans type sites, models are appearing in multiple social media and fan sites, let alone other competing cam chat sites.

  1. Do you know if you are only “silenced” by the model or really get banned? If she has silenced you, you can chat again in 6 hours and you should still be able to watch her room while you were being silenced.
  2. Do you remember her username? If not, find it out.
    • do a Google search for her name. Even you spell it wrong, Google is very good at guessing and shows you many possibilities.
    • No point searching at the cam site that you get banned. The model will be hidden from you.
  3. Do you remember what social media she uses? Search at all the popular social media for her presence. See if you can follow her there and tweet-mention or send her a private message to explain and apologize. Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok are commonly used by cam models.
  4. Has she got her own website? Search for it and visit the website and see if there are any contact details. There may be an email address or Skype ID that you can use to contact her.
  5. What about fan-based sites? Onlyfans, FanCentro are popular for models to communicate with her fans.
  6. Check out other cam sites that she may be broadcasting with. Bongacams, Livejasmin, Stripchat, Camsoda, Flirt4free are a few to name. You can always join the other cams, optionally with a different username to watch her again.
  7. If it still doesn’t work, fingers crossed. You hope it’s only a default one-month ban and you may get unbanned after one month. So go back in a month and try to find her in CB again.

I hope this help.

4 thoughts on “How to get unbanned from Chaturbate

  1. Canukdik

    One thing you did not mention: if you log out of your Chaturbate account you will be able to see the person’s webcam profile again and see the links to their social media pages. You will even be able to watch their webcams, but you will not be able to post in the chat.

  2. Hony Tsoi Post author

    Well spotted, @Canukdik. Thanks.

    It’s true. If you sign out from CB, you can see the model’s profile and even cam again. But as you said, you won’t be able to interact anymore.

  3. julius

    i just got banned from chaturbate for no reason tired chat supoort they never answer how long does the ban last and do i lose any of the tokens i purchased ? can someone please email me and let me know what should i do please

  4. Hony Tsoi Post author

    Hi, I can see it’s very frustrating, unknown duration and potentially lost your tokens.

    I will try social media. They are at twitter as @chaturbate Make sure you tagged the real one.

    Another thing is, you believe you got banned for no reason. But is it possible that someone has access to your CB account and say/do something that’s against CB’s rules to have your account sabotage? Wife/gf that doesn’t want you to watch porn cam, or other family members want to play tricks on you. I have people come into my chatroom and deliberately said things that were clearly against the rules in the society, let alone CB. So I will ban him and may even report him to the support if it’s a severe case. That account is very likely to get banned by CB.

    Hope your account gets unbanned soon.

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