Difference between Jasmin and Livejasmin

As I said in my other post, livejasmin and jasmin.com are the same thing.  They are owned by the same company and they are just different branding.

Livejasmin - the old style One big noticeable difference is that, as livejasmin is the original site, it still has the early year 2000 look.  As we know that it’s only the last few years when smartphones take over and most people have iphones, Android phones or Window phones that phone apps become something so common that it has introduced a new standard of user interface.  Now, many web sites have re-design their user interface to make themselves look like a phone app on a PC desktop.  Jasmin.com and JoYourself.com are one of them.

This is what Joyourself looks like:

JoYourself.com who's online

The irregular sizes of pictures of models who are online simulates Pinterest.

Not to mention the ever-scrolling scroll bar which makes it difficult to scroll to the bottom of the page to change language if you are expatriate in your residing country.  They are geo-targeted and chose the default language your residing country uses.  Luckily, it does stop scrolling after 2 or 3 clicks.  🙂


If you are happy with the old style of html and don’t like the phone app interface, then you may want to stay with livejasmin.

If you know there is some other differences between these 3 sites please leave me a message below.  Thanks!

Btw, have you tried XLovecam yet?  It looks kinda similar to Livejasmin.  Give it a try!

Go to XLoveCam

Bongacam is another choice if you want something different.

Go to Bongacams



2 thoughts on “Difference between Jasmin and Livejasmin

  1. Ronny

    Livejasmin and Jasmin now seem to have the same interface. The main difference seems to be that they allow barebreast photos on the models’s window on Livejasmin whearas they are covered (mostly) on Jasmin. Check it out -same models online, different photos on the two sites!

  2. Hony Tsoi Post author

    Thank you for pointing it out. Indeed, Ronny. Cam sites are trying on different strategies. The Jamsin non-nude version is trying to be more classy(?). Just like Chaturbate, they are the pioneer for free nude chat in the sex cam industry, now they rolled back to have camgasm.com which is a non-nude in public chat site. They have run out of things to try. haha

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