Are Myfreecams private shows worth it

MFC is famous for their hot sexy cam girls and the variety of shows they can perform. The CamScore is there to make sure that stays true. So you can’t be too wrong if you start a private show on MFC.

Different types of private shows on Myfreecams

There are several types of private shows on Myfreecams, each catering to different preferences and budgets.

The standard private shows allow you to pay per minute for a 1-to-1 experience but other people may peek at the show for a reduced rate.

Then there are true private shows, where you have the model’s undivided attention. No one else can join or view the session and the model won’t be checking how many people are peeking. This option is for top fans who want the model to be all for themselves. I have a personal experience of camming on Stripchat. One guy in my chatroom criticized another and they started to argue. I tried to calm them down and I could see it was not going to work as they started to be obsessive about me. In the end, one guy took me to the exclusive private so that he could have me all for himself. But I did feel a bit guilty because he said he was a student and he normally can’t tip very much. So going for an exclusive private show can have an impact on his daily life.

What do you get in Myfreecams’ private shows?

In Myfreecams’ private shows, you typically get one-on-one interaction with the model, allowing for a more intimate and tailored experience. The model can focus entirely on your preferences and requests, making the show feel more personal and exclusive. Models often provide content and performances that are not available in public sessions, giving you access to unique and customized entertainment.

Access to the top girls of MFC because of “Cam Score”. It’s good for you as the sexiest, most attentive girls are pretty much on the top page of the site. You can easily find cam girls that are “good” by most people’s standards. As the cam score really makes a difference to how many visitors a model can get, all models work very hard to boost their cam scores. This means you are likely to encounter highly motivated and engaging performers.

If you have a particular fetish, the extensive search allows you to search for the right models and make requests that are tailored to your specific preferences. For example, when I was writing about balloon porn cam, I was looking around for cam sites that provide this fetish and was pleased to find that MFC has plenty of models who understand balloon porn and can do shows or make videos about it.

Both your standard private shows and true private shows are recorded automatically for you to watch again later. You can find them in your Archives section for no extra cost.

Intangible gain – The intangible benefit of a private show is that she may remember her show with you. The more enjoyable for everyone the better. You get your intimate connection with this hot girl and have a great orgasm. If she also gets to enjoy playing and flirting with you, have a nice chat, and the tokens you spent on her are the cream on top. Human interaction is two-way. If you are nice to her, she will be nice to you too. And your relationship with her will just get better.

Do’s and Don’ts for private shows on MFC

Do talk to the model about your expectations before you start a show. Discuss your interests with the model beforehand to ensure they are comfortable and capable of fulfilling your requests and the specifics of your fetish. Everyone has a limit and it’s important to ensure that both you and the model are comfortable with the actions and boundaries set to avoid arguments and unhappy experiences.

Do read everything on the screen when you initiate a private show. The cost of the show is shown and it shouldn’t be a surprise to you when your show suddenly stops as you have run out of tokens. Unlike many other cam sites that let individual models set their price for a private show, Myfreecams has a set price for shows for everyone.

Don’t request shows or actions that are against the rules or terms and conditions of MFC. You will be suspended and if she agrees to your request then she will be banned by the site too. Typical rules like no animal sex, incest, rape, pee, vomit, fisting, and anything considered obscene in your community applied. Check out the full details of the rules of MFC here. (If you like pee cam, check out my post here for where to find piss cam).

Don’t beg for extras without tipping. That is very annoying to the model and you are not showing respect to her show.

Don’t forget to tip generously if you are happy with the show. Tipping not only shows your appreciation but also encourages the model to provide a better experience in future interactions.

How much does a private show cost?

Standard private shows cost 60 tokens per minute. That is 1 token per second. As you see in the screenshot above, it depends on which token package you choose, it can cost $0.08 – $0.1 per token. So your private show per minute cost is ranging from $4.8 to $6.

TruePrivate costs 80 tokens per minute to compensate for the fact that the model doesn’t get potential income from spying viewers. And that is $6.4 to $8 per minute.

If you are not sure about the model and don’t want to commit to a show yet, you can always wait for her to start a private show with other people, then you go for the spy show at 20 tokens a minute provided that is not a true private, which converts to $$1.6 to $2 per minute.

While I am talking about show costs, I may as well mention group shows although it is not private. Group shows allow multiple users to join the session simultaneously, and cost only 10 tokens per minute per person. As a premium member, you may have visited the lounge and started to get acquainted with other viewers in the lounge or the other fans of the same model you like. A group show will make sense when it becomes a group of friends hang around together to chit-chat, to flirt, and then join efforts to tip the model’s toy to help her cum.

Other Porn cam with exclusive private and recorded show

If you like to have exclusive access to the model during a private show and would love to have a recording of it to watch later, here are your other choices:

  • Stripchat – Plenty of models to choose from, price varies a lot as it depends on individual model’s pricing.
  • Bongacams – It’s called “Full Private” in Bongacams for no peeking, no spying exclusive private show.
  • Mydirtyhobby – It also has exclusive private but you won’t be able to see anything until you buy some coins. Be warned.

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Ultimately, whether Myfreecams private shows are worth it depends on what you are looking for in a cam experience. Some users appreciate the personalized attention and exclusive content, while others may prefer public shows because they enjoy the interaction with a larger audience and the communal atmosphere.

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