Can cam models see viewers’ token balance?


There is a conspiracy theory that models can see everything about the viewers. I hope it is true. haha. The reality is NO, we know very little about you or your token status most of the time. Only a few cam sites allow us to see your token balance, some sites respect your privacy more and let the viewers to opt-out of that. Read on to see how safe is your token balance privacy on different cams.

In what way can the models see your token balance?

There are a few places on the cam site where we can see this information:

Your token balance in the chatroom user list – Your token balance may appear in different places on the cam site. It is commonly displayed next to your username in the chat user list. Bongacams is one such site where models can see your token balance next to your username. However, on other platforms like Chaturbate and MyFreeCams, we do not have access to this information directly. Instead, we can only see whether you have tokens or not by sorting the user list in the room by token amount, with the highest token holders appearing at the top. We know the grey users have none. so anyone listed above the greys are more likely to tip, but it does not reveal the exact balance.

How much can you spend over a period of time – With Chaturbate, the color of your username reveals at least how much you spent over a period of time. For example, the dark blue user on Chaturbate has spent at least 50 tokens in the past 2 weeks. If you have spent at least 250 tokens, then you will be light purple instead. This can give us a rough idea of your spending habits, but it still doesn’t disclose your exact token balance.

In Stripchat, a customer can hide his token balance from the models.

Your user profile – Stripchat may show your token balance on your user profile by default. Therefore, no matter whether you are online or offline, we can see your token balance if you haven’t opted to hide it. When you are viewing my room, I can mouse over your username and a box will pop up to show me your token balance, how much have you spent on me, and etc. Even if you are offline, If I remember your username, I can search for your profile and see the same information. Other occasions like, if you have left me a message and drawn my attention to you, I may mouse over your username on the message window and that again may show me your token balance if you haven’t chosen to mask it.

By default, Stripchat shows a user's token balance on the profile.


Can Chaturbate models tell what’s the token balance of a viewer?

For Chaturbate, it never shows how many tokens a user has. We can see the list of viewers in alphabetical order or sort by number of tokens. Users with more tokens will be listed at the top of the list, but models like us won’t know exactly how many.

However, if a model’s boyfriend, loyal moderator, or other friends who have token balance are in the same room, a model can sort the viewers by token balance, then ask how many tokens these friends have and get an idea of the token balance of a user she is targeted at.

For example, if the boyfriend has 500 and her friend has 1,000 tokens. They are like a bracket to let the model see who has less than 500, who has more than 1,000, and who is in between. You see what I mean?

I am not familiar with how studios work. But I can imagine if the studio creates multiple viewer accounts and loads each account with a different amount of tokens. It allows them easily to check the range of the number of tokens a viewer has, and to prompt the models to pay more attention to the guys with more tokens?

But there is no way to find out exactly how many tokens a viewer has, except when it is zero.

Additionally, as I said earlier, the color of a username can provide some insight into a user’s tipping activity within the last 2 weeks, but it does not indicate the exact token count. For instance, a light purple username indicates a minimum tipping amount of 250 tokens in the past 2 weeks, ranging up to 999 tokens. However, the precise number of tokens owned by a viewer remains undisclosed, except in cases where the balance is zero. For more details on the color of the username, check out my post here.

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Can Stripchat models see viewers’ token balance?

By default, Stripchat models can see the viewers’ token balance if the viewer hasn’t chosen to hide it from the others.

However, it’s important to note that Stripchat also gives its users the power to control their privacy settings. If a viewer chooses to keep their token balance hidden, then the model will not be able to see it.

On top of that, by default, we can see how much you have tipped us over time. Therefore it helps to remind us the support and love you gave. Again, Stripchat lets you hide it if you want. It’s all up to you.

If you want to know more about Stripchat, check out my articles here:

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Can other users see your token balance?

Besides the cam models, can other viewers see your token balance?

No, other viewers cannot see your token balance, not even the model-appointed moderators. Just like models, other users on most cam sites do not have access to your token balance information. This ensures that your financial activity remains private and secure. The only time your token usage might be visible to others is through public tipping or leaderboards, where the total number of tokens spent is displayed, but not your remaining balance.


The level of access models have to viewer information varies across different cam sites. While some sites may provide models with the ability to see token balances, others prioritize viewer privacy and allow individuals to opt-out of sharing this information. As models, our knowledge of your token status is limited and often restricted to only a few platforms. Therefore, the conspiracy theory suggesting that models have extensive visibility into viewer details is unsubstantiated. You just need to be aware that the level of transparency varies depending on the platform you choose. If you prefer higher privacy but the models you fancy are on the cam sites with less privacy, then it’s your job to monitor and project the amount of information you share.

4 thoughts on “Can cam models see viewers’ token balance?”

  1. I’m glad it helps. And how are you coping with falling in love with the cam lady?

    As for seeing your token balance on cam site, I just realise there are two more ways you can hide your tokens from us but you can top-up very quickly and without having to divert a lot of your attention to either enter credit card details or paying with gift cards or paying with crypto and wait for the transaction to go through. They are:

    1. Some cam sites let viewers have two wallets, one for spending right away and the other one for topping up the spending wallet. When you buy tokens, the tokens go into this “backend” wallet first. Flirt4free has this feature.
    2. You pre-authorize the cam site to top-up with a particular token package when your token balance falls below a certain threshold. Bongacams has this feature.

    These two ways of topping up make it difficult for us models to know your current token balance, not counting the other cases like you have to go away to buy more tokens.

    Will this help if you really don’t want the models to interact with you due to your token balance?

  2. I talked to her about it, and she said that she already invests a lot of mental ressources into Chaturbate, and she doesn’t want to talk to her viewers outside of CB. So I am glad she gave me a straight answer and I accept that.

    As for the token balance, I am not too concerned about hiding it. But I wish that Chaturbate communicated things better. I had no idea you could sort the user list by token balance and use little tricks to find out the (approximate) token balance of a user until I read this!

  3. I am not trying to be sneaky but I just tired of some guys lie to me.

    That time I happened to have about 100 tokens in my account balance. This guy asked for a flash so I directed him to check my tip menu. Then he lied that he hasn’t got enough tokens. I was curious and checked the user list just to find that he had more tokens than me (as I always sort the user list by tokens). So I know he was lying. In a way, I would rather he say nothing and even be a freeloader, hang around to wait for someone else to pay for what wants than lying to me.

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