Being cam girl is not easy.  It’s more than taking the clothes off and spread,  Here is the problems I found day-to-day.  Feel free to add more in the comments.  I will put them into the list here.  🙂

  1. What to wear in front of cam today?
  2. Shall I be fully naked, half-naked or clothed but teased with low cut or flashes?
  3. What view should I choose?  Full body, tits only?
  4. What pose?  Stand up? Lying down? Twerking?
  5. Should you say “Thank you. I’m glad u cum.” when he tipped something equivalent to USD1 after he claimed he cum for you?
  6. Your list price for private show is 60tkn/min and someone comes in and ask for 6tkn/min.  I said, “You mean you want 90% discount?”
  7. Someone tipped 1 token for my great big nipples. My kind fan reminds him, “She has two nipples!”  And I got another 1 token.  Lols
  8. If you are horny, they are helpful as in offering to cam2cam with you and make you cum.  What about my goal?
  9. If he talks dirty, shows you cock and makes you cum, he is doing you a favour and tipping is redundant.
  10. Give fake tip emoticon and demand flashes or actions from models.  ABSOLUTE BIG LOSERS!
  11. He was so excited and called me the Best on CB when he’s so drunk that he thought I had two nipples on one tit!
  12. “Will you marry me?”
  13. When the neighbors can hear your moans (by @roxyrich88)
  14. When the cam site is incredibly slooooow.
  15. When “An error occurred” at the chat site no matter how you try to resolve it. (See my post about error in CB)
  16. 1-token tipper.  1-token tipper either tries to give you a “yellow wall” without tipping too much or chat to you by tipping one token at a time.  He imposes on you with the tip so you feel you have to answer every comment he made but after 10 minutes talking to him you may get 20 tokens if you are lucky while other guys in the room thought that you are busy with him and start to leave. Here is an example:tipper: tipped 1 token — My small asian cock is so hard again
    me: hehe
    tipper: (tipped 1 token) — My small asian cock is too pathetic to please hot asian gurls like you You deserve big white cocksI thought: yes, is your cock as small as your tip!

I am sure there’s more.  Do share it out here.  Let’s vent it and/or find some solutions.


oh! One last one…… the sex toy got corroded and you have to buy a new one.

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5 thoughts on “#CamgirlProblems”

  1. 2day0369 & Foxylady

    Its always doing it…I set it all up and its frustrating me ..also my account (single) (the other account couples) but my other account I was blocked from getting tips and it’s only because someone for two seconds got in camera without being verified. They want that person to send their Id but I have no idea who it was. All it said is they had a black shirt and gold necklace….now I can’t post on that account either….(2 different accounts, (single and couples)

  2. That’s difficult. If you can’t find the person to verify, then there is no way out.

    Probably time to find a new site to broadcast with. Which site do you have problems with now?

  3. I read this article a few days ago. And today I watched a chaturbate stream where a viewer did a 1-token tip wall, and the camgirl smiled awkwardly. It made me laugh because I was thinking of this article.
    What is your recommendation? What is the least amount I should tip a camgirl if I don’t want her to feel awkward about it?

  4. Hi Adam, I am glad you ask because you do want to show your respect or appreciation to the model.

    As for how much to tip, it’s very arbitrary isn’t it? Different models have different standard, background, and image of herself. The safe thing to do is to either tip based on her tip menu, or within the range of amount of her tip menu. If this doesn’t work, the default amount 25 tokens set by Chaturbate can be a start.

    There are plenty of models who have an item on their tip menu stating something like:
    – Like what you see — xx tokens
    – if you like me — xx tokens
    – keep going — xx tokens

    If she hasn’t got tip items like these, then just tip for one of the items listed on her menu.

    I hope that help.

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