Chaturbate Error

If you have watched the Doctor Who series when Missy has made Clara Oswald go inside a Dalek and start to control the Dalek.  Whatever Clara said became “I am a Dalek” or “Exterminate”,  This happened to me at Chaturbate when I broadcast earlier.  🙁

Today, I went to broadcast in Chaturbate (aka CB).  After I have set everything up and typed my first “hi” in the chat message box, it didn’t work.  “An error occurred” is all I got.  I typed something else and it still said “An error occurred”.

I’ve tried the following and none of them work:

  • Stop broadcasting and restart
  • Stop broadcasting, logout from CB, and start again
  • reboot my computer and start again

It keeps giving me the same useless error.  Not even some vaguely useful error message about what’s wrong.  It’s very frustrating!

Could it be problems with the internet connection? Or is it their CDN?

In the end, I gave up. I went to Stripchat and broadcast there.

A few hours later, I tried again with CB and the error has gone (magically!)  though there are hiccups from time to time.  CB overload?  That’s why I do register with multiple cam sites so that I can always stream somewhere else if one of them is not working.  #camgirlproblems

While CB is not working for me, I got distracted a bit and went shopping online too.  Lols. Loads of good stuff in Lovense.  It’s not just sex toys for cam streamers.  Check it out!

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