Chaturbate Error Message – “Your IP has been blocked”

“YOUR IP has been blocked:=”

If you are searching for this error message on the internet and wondering why you can’t talk and say anything in ANY Chaturbate chatrooms, here is the answer.

One of my regulars came into my chatroom and tipped with a tip note saying:

Weird. It says “Your IP has been blocked”

I know that I haven’t blocked his country or state.  The fact that he could come into my chatroom proves that.  Then I found him continue to tip with a tip note to chat so I suspect that he couldn’t talk.

He went into other girls’ chatrooms and had the same problem.

Finally, he disconnected his internet connection and re-connect again and it works.

Companies like Chaturbate are constantly being attacked so they will be regularly updating the list of hackers, spammers, and the like.  If you are living in a small city when there are not many internet service suppliers (ISP) around, it’s not unlikely that one day you are allocated by your ISP an IP address that was used by hackers or spammers before and was blacklisted by well maintained big company/big sites.

If you disconnect from your current internet connection and re-connect several times and still don’t work, you may always try other webcam sites.  🙂   Stripchat and Bongacams are the big ones that you can easily find lots of hot cam babes.

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1 thought on “Chaturbate Error Message – “Your IP has been blocked””

  1. There are so many different kind of error messages one may come across when all you want is just to have a nice chat with a hot girl.

    Sometimes you can’t chat because of your state or country, and some other time you talk to her before and today you find that you are banned from the room. it is very confusing for me.

    Thank you for explaining.

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