Someone tried to cheat me on Chaturbate!

Watch Out! Fellow Chaturbators!

Someone in my chatroom in Chaturbate has pretended to tip me!

This happened 2 weeks ago when I had my cam on Chaturbate.  I was running a voyeur cam because I wanted to finish some of my own work. I only stop when I heard the “Ding” sound from viewers’ tipping then I will chat and flash and then go back to my work.

I had been broadcasting my webcam chat room Camcontacts for a while, which is also a great site, but had decided to also rotate through other sites like Chaturbate.  You have to keep it mixed up to avoid being boring, but the downside is that you forget which sound or “Ding” is from which site.

This time, someone tipped to see me flash my ass and so I did.  And being a Chaturbate addict I couldn’t resist and stay in the chatroom and start flirting with the boys.  The chit-chat went on for a while and suddenly I saw someone tipped.

I was about to say thank you to this guy only that I noticed he is GREY.  A grey username in Chaturbate means he has no tokens.  Even if he has tipped every token to me he should be blue or dark blue while the tipped message was displayed.  This made me feel suspicious.

Secondly, I typically set the font size of the chat window bigger so that if I have to stand further away from the screen I can still see what people said.  In this case, the yellow strip of the tip message’s font size is different from my setting.

I ran the mouse over the tip message and found that it was an emoticon that said “:tip100”.  That explains everything by now.  This also explains why I couldn’t hear the “ding” sound if someone has tipped.  An emoticon can’t make a sound!

I wasn’t taken it seriously.  I thought he is just messing about.  So I said, “Good try.  Give me a yellow wall, will u?” (A yellow wall in Chaturbate means there are so many people in your room tipped you that your whole chat window becomes yellow!)  By then, he was probably too embarrassed and left.  I gave him a chance to get out.  He could have said, “Just kidding”.

So, that was the excitement of that session of my webcam show that day.

I have no idea if this guy was just joking or really intend to fool me to flash or do something.  But my fellow Chaturbators, do watch out for this because we see so many people each day.  There are certainly lots of good-hearted, nice, and friendly people around which I am lucky enough to meet a few but there are people who just take us for granted or treat us like shit and think they have the full right to ask and demand or even cheat to get what they want.  How many of you have been promised a bigger tip if you finger your ass while you do a hand-stand on one hand and he disappeared afterward without the promised tips?

To summarize, here are the key points that you should look out for so as not to be cheated in this particular case:

  1. Turn on your sound if possible so that you can hear the ‘ding’ from tipping.
  2. Moving your mouse over the tip message is the faster way to find out if it is a real system message from Chaturbate or not.  If it shows the alternate text of the emoticon, say, “:tip100” or “:” followed by whatever name he/she used for this emoticon then you know the tip message is faked.
  3. Change your font and/or font size so that these sorts of graphic tricks stand out on your screen.  The hacker has no idea what font or font size you are using because your text message is displayed using his/her setting.  The fake tip message will be using the default font and font size set by Chaturbate.
  4. Colour of the tipper’s username.  As I said, even if he/she has tipped every single token in his/her account, he/she was still blue or dark blue when the tip message was displayed.  The username next to the tip message should never be grey.
  5. As Amanda in the comment of this post pointed out – the tipper’s user ID should be highlighted in yellow too.
  6. Lastly, of course, the most accurate way of telling is to check your “token status” to see if you have really received a tip from him/her.

Having written this article, I feel I should sum up my experience and write a more thorough performers’ tip article soon.  So, stay tuned!

Meanwhile, please do share and retweet this so that no fellow cam models are fooled by this.


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PS. Flirt4free is another cam site that has viewers who try to cheat and claim that they have tipped you, especially if you haven’t cam there for a while and they think you are new.  Watch out!

Maybe I should go back to Camcontacts? Seems there are fewer problems there sometimes.

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15 thoughts on “Someone tried to cheat me on Chaturbate!”

  1. Also Im not sure if you’re able to edit this article at all but if it’s a “real” tip their name & tip are highlighted in yellow not just the tip. I’ve gad this happen in my room many times aswell.

  2. Ok so I don’t know if you even still check this post or get notified that anyone has posted but… This just happened to me. Tonight was mine and my bfs third time on and someone said they wanted to take me to a private show. I got totally screwed. I was in the show for like 45 mins before my bf really started to get skeptical as the guy was being quite demanding. I wish I would have been able to know about this before hand it would have been really awesome. Ladies if you come across this, it’s real and it sucks.

  3. Oh dear! Poor you two! It’s not just in Chaturbate. I had some similar experience in Flirt4free too. When they think you are new, they will try to cheat.

    One more thing, maybe two months ago I had someone started a private show. But it lasted for a few seconds then he left. He started it again so I thought he had a bad internet connection so I accepted it again. Then he left after a few seconds again. It repeated something like 5, 6 times until I gave up. But when I looked at the earnings there is no entries whatsoever about these 5, 6 times’ private show. I have written to the support but I got no reply so far. I have forgotten about it!

    Thanks for writing, hh1225. We should all watch out for cheats and traps.

  4. This is only one reason for having a good moderator in your room. They will watch out for these type of antics.

    As pointed out, the NAME must also be in yellow for a real tip. Having a different font size is a good idea.

    By Private, I assume hh1225 meant a password show? The private show requires a minimum tokens before starting, and deducts as the show progresses. A user cannot start a Private show if they don’t have enough tokens.

    A password show is different. YOU, the broadcaster, control this by putting a password on your room, then give the password (via PM) to the tippers you want in. It could be for zero tokens, a tip from yesterday, a show for your Fan Club members, etc.

    Also, Chaturbate has changed the definition of grey names. No longer will a blue go to grey when all tokens are gone! Grey names have NEVER, EVER had a single token. Light Blues may have zero tokens, but they had some at one point in time (possibly just transferring one token from their friends, though).

    I’ve never seen anyone get tricked by the fake tip trick, so I don’t think much about it. I shall be more aware. Thanks for posting.

  5. Had this happen to me, i was new and didn’t know, thought he was tipping and wasn’t tipping anything, he got a free show! Not a big deal to me really, but bummed I didn’t get the money lol. Lesson learned though

  6. Tell them that you only accept tokens in advance. Verify it’s not a user uploaded icon. I bet that turd thought he was pretty funny. #SocialEngineering Good post.

  7. How do I know when I am in a private show? Should I be notified that the private show has started? Do I need to accept anything?

  8. Chaturbate will prompt you on the screen and tell you that someone wants a private show with you. The show won’t start until you click the accept button, which means you also have the choice to not accept it if you don’t want to.

    When the viewer has stopped the show, you again will be informed.

  9. I just went through this 🙁 It was my first time on and I did an entire private show for this fucker and found out after it was all fake tips. Can’t even figure out how to report him. I’m so upset.

  10. I’m sorry to hear that. If you still remember the date and time of this you may report to the support. They may be able to see the conversation.

    Any information helps, even part of his user ID.

    Maybe we should have started a habit of doing a screenshot before a paid show? It will help to resolve problems of this sort.

    That also reminds me about Bongacams’ solution to these fake tips problems. They put a prominent pink strip to highlight the whole row of tips. An emoticon simply can’t do that. For details, please check out my post and see how Bongacams help to protect us from the cheaters.

  11. A woman with self respect

    That suits you perfectly. Do you ever think about the shit you kind of whores cause in marriages. It’s good fun to discover your husband is paying you sluts while you are disabled after a heavy accident.

    Think about others for a change. The fact that you have zero self respect is not my fucking issue.

  12. I am sorry to hear about your accident.

    There are plenty of boyfriends/husbands out there who watch cam because their sexual needs are not met, but it doesn’t mean they want to stop their relationship with their girlfriends or wives. Throughout my cam life, I have met men who cum literally 7, 8 times a day, to some guys who cum every 4 days. With that variation, not many men are satisfied. Many aged men came to tell me he has no sex with his menopaused wife for exactly how many years. He is counting… He loves his wife and is staying in the marriage but he needs to meet his needs too.

    Meanwhile, your husband is decent enough to pay for the camgirl’s service and not just be a sponger.

  13. Very impressed with your investigating reporting. There are all types of visitors. Great writing and good advice. A Fan.

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