What is Trichophilia?

Trichophilia is a fetish about hair.  It means someone who is sexually turned on by hair.  It commonly refers to head hair but it can also be chest hair, pubic hair or fur.  The arousal can be done by seeing or touching the hair.  Hair can be long, short, straight or wavy. It can also be wet or a particular hair styling or hair color.  

At a related tone, someone can also be aroused by having a hair cut, giving a hair cut or even watching someone else have a hair-cut.  That explains why some people enjoy seeing the shaved head of women.

I came across this terminology when I was webcam chatting with the guys in Chaturbate when suddenly someone came into my chatroom and gave me a decent tip stating that he has trichophilia.  I quickly look it up on Google and found out what it is.

Having worked out what he like, I stand up showing how long my hair is.  My longest hair has passed my buttocks!  I then started to brush my hair slowly showing how long they are and how much hair i’ve got.  He enjoyed it!

That’s a lovely fetish!

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