Balloon: Sit to pop? Or blow to pop? That’s the question

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Sit to pop, or blow to pop? To pop with nail, cigarette, or other sharp objects? How about squeeze to pop? To pop alone or with the others? What’s your favorite?

Blow to Pop (b2p)

Blow to pop is fun. You may use any unknown brand basic party balloons to the professional Qualatex latex balloons of 12″ or 14″. That may require some practice or preparation like pre-stretching the balloons before blowing them. I have seen someone blow a Tuftex 12″ to something that looks bigger than a 14″ because she has taken the time to stretch it before she blows it.

Sempertex is another brand that gives you a big range of sizes: from the standard 5″ to 36″. I personally like the soap colours and there are plenty of choices for colour. Browse their catalogue and choose the ones you like.

If you are a beginner or you are the type who enjoy the scene of popping but too scare to blow one up yourself, you may try popping some small water balloons first. Wait till you are comfortable with the sensation of a popping balloon then you may step by step and try to pop some not water-filled ones. Or you can always find a pretty, sexy cam girl to bust some balloons for you.

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How to Blow to Pop under a garment

If you enjoy not just the pop sound but the explosive sensation, one may try popping it under a garment, like a shirt.

  1. You wear a loose button-up shirt but just to do a few buttons at the bottom.
  2. Tuck the balloon inside your shirt and start blowing.
  3. Watch it get bigger and bigger under your shirt.
  4. “Is it going to pop?”
  5. “Any minute it’s going to pop…”
  6. BANG
  7. And if you are scare you can always wear something underneath and fine tune the feeling you want.

Sit to pop (s2p)

Instead of blow to pop, some poppers may prefer to sit to pop. Cam girls on cam sites also have sit to pop on their tip menu. Looners should head to MyFreeCam or Stripchat because these are the two main cam sites that one can find balloon play shows. It’s not just a pre-made video. You can request and fine-tune exactly the way you want your balloon to be pop. How’s that?

Balloon riding

I always have thought that #balloonfetish is all about the fun of blowing, riding, or popping balloons of all sizes. It’s only when I was searching for blow-to-pop (b2p) and sit-to-pop (s2p) videos before I come across the other variations: inflatable objects other than the traditional birthday party balloon shape.

Riding a balloon gives a different kind of experience than popping it. This is the point when other shapes of inflatable come in. Besides the Cattex GL1200 zeppelin airship of a whopping size of 230cm in length, you can always step back to:

  • Cattex GL700: 220cm
  • Cattex GL500: 170cm
  • Cattex GL900P jellybean: 119cm
  • Cattex GL800P jellybean: 100cm
  • Qualatex Q646 (6″ diameter x 46″ long sausage)

Not to mention there are other inflatable shapes like dolphin, star, heart, you name it, or just a simple beach ball.

Balloon riding does imply a continuous riding movement on top of the balloon or inflatable and not just sit on top. It involves rocking back and forth on the balloons, with the weight of the rider, the balloon will be squeezed, the shape changed, and formed different curves. If you have seen a looner cam girl ride on a balloon, she will cuddle it, actively interacting with the inflatable, and have fun with it. Read this article to see where to find the looner cam girl who will play with balloon exactly the way you want it.

A variation, of course, is to ride till it pops. In this case, a smaller one rather than the 2-meter ones are more practical.

Variations of balloon fetish

  • nest a balloon inside another balloon to blow and pop
  • blow a balloon with or without popping, wearing different types of gloves, say, surgical gloves. Yes, glove inflation is a thing too.
  • bust the balloon with nails, cigarette or other sharp items
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I am sure there is no limit of the variations of balloon play. Imagination is the only limit.

Do share with me how you would like to play with your balloon. Or where to find the best cam models to play the balloons for you, what’s her/his model name.

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