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Are you profiting from the rising price of Ether(ETH) now? If so, maybe you should consider using it to pay for your sex cam tokens too as it is now worth more and allows you to spend less Ether than before. You can spend like a king on all these Ether cams.


What is Ether and Ethereum?

Ethereum is the blockchain platform that allows developers to create decentralized applications and smart contracts, while Ether (ETH) is the cryptocurrency used within the Ethereum ecosystem. It is used to facilitate transactions and pay for computational services on the platform.

What is the difference between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic

The main difference between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic is their approach to immutability.

Ethereum Classic is committed to maintaining the original blockchain, which means that all transactions are immutable and cannot be reversed 13.

Ethereum, on the other hand, is committed to maintaining a flexible blockchain that can be updated to fix issues like the DAO hack 13. Ethereum’s approach to immutability is more flexible than Ethereum Classic’s. This makes it more attractive to developers who want to build decentralized applications and that explains why Ethereum is more popular than ETH Classic and has a much higher market value.

What is the difference between Bitcoin and Ether?

While both Bitcoin and Ethereum are cryptocurrencies, they differ in their purpose and design. Bitcoin is primarily used as a digital currency, while Ethereum is designed to be a platform for building decentralized applications.

Transaction fees of Ethereum and Bitcoin

When a transaction is created, they both need the miners to validate the transaction and a fee is involved.

Bitcoin’s fee price is in Sats, short form for Satoshi. One bitcoin has 100 million sats. You specify the number of satoshis you are willing to pay, multiply it by the size of the transaction, and that’s your fee.

For Ether, the transaction fee is called gas fee and the unit price is in Gwei. Gas refers to the fee required to successfully conduct a transaction or execute a smart contract on the Ethereum network. It is paid in Ether. The gas fee is determined by two factors: gas price and gas limit. The gas price represents the amount of Ether you are willing to pay per unit of gas, and the gas limit refers to the maximum amount of gas you are willing to spend on a transaction. Some part of the gas fee will go to the miner and the rest will be burnt.

How to buy ETH?

You can buy Ether (ETH) from exchanges or wallets directly. The following are some of the popular ways to buy Ether:

Exchanges: You can buy Ether from centralized exchanges such as Kraken, Uphold, and eToro using traditional currencies like USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, GBP, CHF, JPY, AED, and more. Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like 1inch, Bancor, Kyber, Loopring, and Uniswap also allow you to buy ETH peer-to-peer without giving control of your funds to a centralized company.

Wallets: Some wallets like Coinbase and Changelly let you buy Ether with a debit/credit card, bank transfer or even Apple Pay. However, geographical restrictions may apply, and it is typically more costly.

Is Bitcoin a better payment method than Ether?

The speed of transactions on the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks can vary depending on network congestion, transaction fees, and other factors. However, in general, Ethereum transactions are faster than Bitcoin transactions.

That being said, the speed of a transaction is not the only factor to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency for online shopping. Other factors such as transaction fees, merchant acceptance, and security should also be taken into account.

In terms of merchant acceptance, Bitcoin is more widely accepted than Ethereum at the moment. However, this could change in the future as more merchants begin to accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

Transaction fees on the Ethereum network are generally lower than those on the Bitcoin network. However, this can vary depending on network congestion and other factors.

In terms of security, both Bitcoin and Ethereum are considered secure cryptocurrencies. However, it’s important to note that no cryptocurrency is completely immune to hacking or other security threats.

Overall, both Bitcoin and Ethereum can be used for online payment. However, you should consider all the factors mentioned above before making a decision.

Are ETH and BTC’s prices related?

According to a report by Cointelegraph, the price of ETH is influenced by the price of Bitcoin. However, Ethereum is an independent asset and its price is not solely dependent on Bitcoin’s valuation.

Cryptocurrency exchange charts show that a decrease in the BTC price inevitably affects the exchange rate of ETH, XRP, Litecoin (LTC), and other assets. The influence of BTC price on other cryptocurrencies, and particularly on ETH, is a natural event in the digital asset market, according to traders and market analysts. The 3 months correlation between Bitcoin and Ethereum is 0.97 which shows they are highly positively related. When BTC goes up, ETH is very likely to go up, and vice versa.

Anyway, if you are already holding Ether, you are ready to enjoy the benefits that come with paying with cryptocurrency on porn sites:

  • No credit card details are given out
  • No transaction history is shown on the credit card bill so you don’t have to explain the $100 or however much you spent to your wife/girlfriend/partner no matter how subtle the cam site’s name is.
  • Possibly higher token purchasing limit when paying with crypto, compared with paying with a credit card

Cryptocurrency Webcam Sex – Ether

Ether porn cams are everywhere. Many big or small cam sites accept crypto these days as they understand that the customers would like the built-in privacy from crypto, and I bet they won’t mind keeping some to wait for the next ATH to sell. Anyway, stablecoins, Ether, and Bitcoin are typically accepted by most sites if they accept crypto. Porn sites that accept Ether include:

As you know, webcam sex sites are divided into free nude cams and paid private shows. Some of the private-show sites do allow occasional flashing but you won’t be welcome by a screenful of fucking machines or Lovense Lush in pussies or bare tits.

If you enjoy casual tipping and watching the cam girls flash or fuck her with her fucking machine, then Chaturbate, Stripchat,, and Bongacams are the ones to go to.

If you are the type who would rather take the model to a private show so that you can chitchat with her and enjoy being teased, then Xcams, Camlust, Xlovecam, Camcontacts, Livejasmin, and Flirt4free are your choices.

Chaturbate and Ether

Chaturbate is the pioneer of the free sex cam. They are the first ones who let models express themselves freely (within the legal and social norms) in the public chatroom instead of leaving the hardcore action in private. The tip-based interaction allows the models to earn extra money on top of the regular private shows or group shows. It’s up to you whether you want to sit back and watch the world go crazy or be the director and direct your show in a private one-to-one session with the model. If you are not familiar with Chaturbate then here are some articles I wrote before and hope it help to answer most of your questions.

The crypto payment is processed by Smartpay. If you come from some small countries or countries with various issues then check this out; otherwise, you are very likely to be able to pay with ETH using SmartPay.

The process is very straightforward. You choose the token package size you want to buy and the system will calculate the amount of ETH you have to pay.

A QR code will be shown to you so you can just scan it to capture all the payment details and send the payment via your account with the exchange or your wallet. Now sit back, browse, and pick the Chaturbate ETH cam models you enjoy while you are waiting for the tokens to be credited to your account.

Go to Chaturbate

Stripchat Ether Cam

Besides ETH, Stripchat also accepts BTC, Lightning, Tether and manymany other alt coins.

Stripchat has plenty of models who strip and chat with you on cam. The cam site’s extensive search function helps you find any niche and actions you want. The search automatically looks into the models’:

  • Username
  • Tip menu
  • Tags
  • Activities in private show
  • Show topic
  • Category

For example, if you are looking for models who squirt, you just type “squirt” in the search box and it will show you all the results about squirt in the above sections. No matter you are looking for a private show with multiple squirts, or having squirt being the goal of the show you can easily find them.

Now that you found your favorite models and have checked out their pricing, it’s time to buy some tokens and start to play. Stripchat Ether payment is very straightforward. You choose the token package size you want and then choose “Bitcoin, Ether, etc” under the payment method to continue with the payment.

While you are waiting for the transaction to complete and tokens to go into your account, it’s worth noting that Stripchat also has the idea of “fetish categories with verified content” to make sure that the models can deliver what they promise under that specific category. If she is listed under ASMR then she needs to submit a video to Stripchat to prove that she can do ASMR before she gets listed under that category with a blue tick. This way, viewers can be sure that he has chosen a model who can do the action or niche he wants. The only thing you hope is that you have bought enough tokens to pay for the private show, or performance listed on the tip menu.

Go to Stripchat

Flirt4free Ether Cam

Flirt4free is one of the earliest sex cams and they always go for the best models and studios that have good internet connections, good lighting, and smart-looking setups. You won’t see an electric fan on the floor blowing towards the model who has used clothing pegs to hang up an old curtain to be the backdrop. The girls are all beautiful and the guys are all charming or muscular.

Flirt4free, however, does not support nude cam in public. You have to be in a party chat or a private show to get intimate. Maybe you should talk to the model and agree on what to include in the show before you start paying. Visiting many chatrooms to find one you like can be entertaining but can also be frustrating.

Ether gay cam on Flirt4free

Besides sexy and classy ladies, Flirt4free also has a good selection of gay men on cam. Twinks and hunks are everywhere. The majority of them are fit or very muscular. As a woman, I wish they were not gay and were available to flirt with. Hehe If you want to know more about Flirt4free’s gam cam, see my post about Flirt4free gay cam vs Streamen here.

There are a few good features of Flirt4free that you shouldn’t miss.

Mouse over the thumbnail picture to watch the live stream

Firstly, if you are using a laptop, you probably have the experience of browsing the “who’s live” page, You pick a model that you want and visit the chatroom. Then you find the look and feel of the live model is totally different from the one you have chosen. The profile pictures are typically taken with good lighting, and a nice background and are very different from real life. So, if you are browsing with a laptop, you can put the mouse over the profile picture. It will start to load the live stream while your mouse is hovering. You get to see what’s like in the live chat room and stop wasting time on the disappointing ones.

Scroll back to the hot gay cam model you skipped on the phone

Another good feature of Flirt4free gay cam is that when you are using an Android phone, once you visit a guy’s chatroom, you can swipe to the right to go to the next model’s room. And you can swipe to the left to go back one by one if you can’t make up your mind about who to watch.

Crypto payment is accepted there. The default payment method is credit card, so you just need to click the button “change payment method” and crypto is one of the options.

Besides Ethereum and Bitcoin, Flirt4free also accepts:

  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Tether USD (ERC20)
  • Tether USD (TRC20)
  • Tether USD (Polygon)
  • USD coin (ERC20)
  • USD coin (Polygon)
  • USD coin bridged (Polygon)
  • House of Mandela Token
  • ProperT
  • Dash
  • Tron
  • Matic

If you have any of these coins you can cash out by buying tokens on Flirt4free.

Go to Flirt4free

Bongacams Ether Cam

Bongacams is very pro-crypto and supports a wide variety of crypto for payment. In fact, they have their own NFTs. If you own any BongaNFT you may get up to 6% discount on tokens.

As you can see in the screenshot below, once you have chosen a token package, and choose “Bitcoin/Ethereurm/Other”, you will be asked to select your choice of crypto.

Your Ether payment is processed by Coinpayments. The easiest way to pay is to scan the QR code provided on your screen to avoid any data entry errors.

Go to Bongacams

Camsoda accepts Ether and many more Alt-coins

Camsoda is pretty cool because they are quite innovative in different ways. First, they accept Ether as payment! It’s awesome because you can keep your privacy protected when you tip or treat yourself to a hot private show.

Camsoda is all about giving you options. Whether you’re into camming and chatting with models or just want to be a voyeur, Camsoda has them.

Voyeur cam on Camsoda

Watch the real life of cam girls.

The voyeur cam is a bit subtle. You have to look under “tags” and scan for the “voyeur” tag to peek into someone’s private life. When I say “voyeur cam”, it is really about watching someone’s bedroom, dining room, bathroom, or lounge. It is not the same as using the invisible mode and wandering through different models’ live chatrooms like Bongacams or Stripchat. (Camsoda also has an invisible mode too, see my post about invisible mode here.) These voyeur cams are similar to voyeur house where you can just watch someone sleep and eat breakfast.

Camsoda is fun, even if you have an issue and need to talk to the support, their support is also on cam and lets you look up her skirt or watch her panty cam. While you are waiting for her to resolve your problem you will be entertained by the under-the-desk view. It is much better than the typical text chat box which you just stare at it and hope the support will get back to you sooner. So, why not support a company that’s crypto-friendly, fun, and has plenty of great ideas?

Go to Camsoda and get 200 tokens FREE


Xcams, similar to Flirt4free, allows you to hover over the model thumbnails and get a preview of their live room without actually entering the chatroom. The thumbnails are frequently updated, so the model’s outfit often matches what is shown in the thumbnail. This is good because I hate to choose one model from the thumbnails and find that the live model looks completely different.

Xcams offers 25 free credits when you sign up so that is some credits to get you started. But once you have found your favorite then 25 credits do not go very far. It’s time to use your Ether.

Coingate is the payment processor for Xcams’ crypto payments. Besides Ethereum, Xcams also accepts Bitcoin Lightning, Cardano, and Binance Coin.

Still have questions? Take a look at my other posts about Xcams:

Go to XCams

Camlust’s Ethereum Skype Cam girls

Camlust is slightly different from the other cam sites in the way that they don’t handle the models’ live stream or yours. The video chat is done via Skype so Camlust won’t see what you and the models are doing during the private show. If you choose to show yourself to the model, you are trusting Skype for your privacy.

Camlust has been accepting crypto payments since 2018. Being aware of customers’ urge for privacy and independence, Camlust created a platform for models and viewers to meet and handle the payment in whatever way the customers are comfortable with. Besides Ether, Camlust also accepts:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Monero (XMR)

Camlust is more like a directory of models for you to browse and choose from, provides the software to keep track of the duration of the show, and handles the payment between you and the models.

Another good thing about Camlust is that the sexiest models are not necessarily the most expensive ones on the site. By the law of demand and supply, I presume only the high-quality models that provide the best experience may continue to charge high over the long run, whereas the low-priced models are desperate to be known and are willing to charge less to get more calls and ratings so that they can set a more reasonable price once they have established a good customer base with plenty of good reviews and ratings. So, either way, you win.

Although Skype camgirls are more likely to understand or own crypto, it doesn’t make it a good idea to pay the model directly. Especially when the live streaming is not done via the CamLust platform there is no proof of whether the model has performed the requested show, or whether the correct length show is of poor lighting, poor internet connection, etc. No refund is possible if you pay directly to the model without someone in the middle being the escrow.

If you want to understand more about CamLust and Skype private shows, check out my other articles below:

Go to CamLust


XLovecam seems to be popular with European models and viewers, although there are plenty of English-speaking models too.

If you like tits, then you should definitely visit Xlovecam on Monday because they have a “Topless Monday” to encourage all models to show off their pretty boobs.

To show your appreciation to all these topless models, you may add credits to your e-wallet on Xlovecam using credit cards, instant bank transfer or crypto.

Xlovecam accepts both Ether (ETH) and Ether Classic (ETC). Other cryptocurrencies accepted include Bitcoin, Litecoin (LTC) and Monero (XMR).

Go to XLoveCam


go to Livejasmin has cam girls only and have no guys. If you are ether-gay-cam#ether-gay-cam, the next section is for you.’s camgirls are not gamers in general although the site looks like it’s for gamers. The viewer’s rank, the point system, daily rewards, event achievements are full of the look and feel of video games. If you play games yourself it could be fun to earn points and gain “mythical magic” and “unlock the treasure”. If you don’t then you may feel a bit lost. uses Coinpayments as their crypto payment gateway.

By default it is set to Bitcoin, so you have to click the dropdown box to choose Ether.

Then specify the number of tokens you would like to buy. 1000 tokens will get you easily a couple of private shows or shower the girls with some tips and gifts.

Send your Ether the regular way, with no contracts. Then you are in for the attention and love from the girls.

Go to

Ether Gay Cam

If you are looking for gay Ether cams, then Flirt4free is your top choice.

Flirt4free has gained a reputation for its extensive selection of handsome and diverse models, and enjoyable experience for its users back in the late 1990s. 20 years ago, they were the pioneer of sex cam shows with high-speed internet connections (difficult to achieve 20 years ago), good cameras, and good lighting. Everything is perfect. The models were already charging $4/min for a private show because they were simply worth it.

These gay cams also accept Ether:

But Flirt4free gives you the most choices of gay models and the highest streaming quality. There are hunks, twinks, and daddies to choose from. They all have beautiful bodies and are sexy as hell. Every time you feel horny and you need a jerk mate you will sure find one if not more in Flirt4free. Your problem is about which one to choose to chat and play with. Therefore if you are planning to pay with Ether, make sure you load your account with plenty of credits or it will be very frustrating if you have run out of credits and have to wait for the Ethereum transactions to go through to top up your Flirt4free account!

Find out more about Flirt4free gay cam here:


Utilizing crypto payments, particularly when Ether’s price has gone up, proves to be a wise choice. The cam sites listed above are all famous and have been around for years with proven safety records but it’s not guaranteed forever. Data may leak and our identity and personal details can be out there with the hackers. Time to pay for porn with crypto. Time to find the porn sites that accept Ether.

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