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Bitcoin has been around for quite some years now.  (It was introduced in 2009)  At first, people were skeptical about it and worried that it would be used in illegal activities but now it’s getting more attention and acceptance.  What is Bitcoin or cryptocurrency?  Read more about it here.

For example, you can now buy webcam chat tokens with Bitcoin.  Chaturbate is probably the first one in the webcam industry to accept Bitcoin for payments.  That’s cool!  I wish I had participated in mining bitcoins years ago.  So nerdy!  Lols.  I have a friend who just boasted to me that he has finally mined enough Bitcoin to buy himself a coffee!  haha. (Updated in 2021: current price of BTC is USD46,874. I hope he didn’t spend one BTC on his coffee. That would be the world’s most expensive coffee!!) It will take him much longer to mine enough to buy tokens from Chaturbate for a private chat though.   It will be faster to get some from the Exchange.  See to find out how to acquire more.

When I wrote this post in 2014, 100 tokens on Chatubate cost 0.0159 BTC and that’s the only cryptocurrency choice. In 2021, CB has greatly increased the number of cryptos they accept, making them safer, more private, and more secure for everyone. Besides Chaturbate, here is a list of cam sites that accept crypto. Please check it out.

How to buy tokens with crypto on Chaturbate

I presume you already have an account with Chaturbate. If not, just click sign up to create a free account.

Sign up with Chaturbate

  1. You buy tokens the usual way. No matter whether you are using a laptop or mobile phone, you will find the “(Get more)” button on the top right-hand corner, or anywhere where you can see your token balance.
  2. Click on Get More
  3. You will see the following screen. Choose Cryptocurrency and click “Continue to payment page”.
  4. Under “Coin type”, choose the type of coin you want to pay.
  5. Specify the number of tokens you would like to buy.
  6. Again, click “Continue to the payment page”.
  7. This time you will be brought to Chaturbate’s crypto payment processor
  8. It is easiest if you pay with a crypto wallet like Electrum or Blue Wallet on your mobile device which allows you to scan the QR code generated for your transaction. The recipient’s address and amount to pay are all included in the QR code. You just need to check that your wallet has enough balance to pay for this transaction.
  9. Confirm your payment transaction on your wallet.
  10. Go to to see the status of your payment. It requires 2 confirmations to be considered a valid payment.
  11. When the status of the transaction shows “Credited”, you should see tokens deposited to your account.
cryptocurrency is accepted on Chaturbatre

Now, in 2023, Chaturbate accepts a wide variety of coin types if you want to pay with crypto.

In 2020, was the payment processor and it used to accept more different coins. In 2023, I found that had taken over instead. But the process will be very similar. You will be shown:

  • the Bitcoin address to send to,
  • how many BTC to send and
  • importantly, a timer to show you that you have to pay within the 10-minute time limit.

Tips for sending the BTC to Chatubate

  1. Check that you don’t come from these countries because Smartpay won’t serve you.
    • Afghanistan, Albania
    • Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Central African Republic, China, Cuba
    • Democratic Republic of the Congo
    • Ethiopia
    • Haiti, Hong Kong
    • Iran, Iraq
    • Kosovo
    • Lebanon, Libya
    • Mali, Montenegro, Myanmar
    • Nicaragua, North Korea, North Macedonia
    • Russia
    • Serbia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria
    • Venezuela
    • Yemen
    • Zimbabwe
  2. Make sure your crypto wallet has sufficient funds.
  3. It also means that you don’t top up your wallet just a few minutes before your CB token purchase as the new transactions may not be fully confirmed. Spending unconfirmed coins is not a good practice and potentially causes your transaction a longer time to process.
  4. If you are using a computer or laptop and withdraw from an exchange or website, then login to the system first. Nowadays you have to do two-factor authentication etc just to log in and it can eat up a few minutes of your time limit just to log in! If you use a phone app, again, open the phone app and make sure it is logged in. This is writing from someone who from time to time has to pay in a supermarket or shop with a virtual debit card QR code from the online bank app, and the app won’t open until it finishes the software update. I have to stand there to wait for the update to finish. And you wish the shop you just shopped with was not in the basement when the internet connection is bad.
  5. Try to submit your Bitcoin transaction within the 10-minute time frame. If there is any problem, wait for it to time out and get a new BTC address to send to, or your fund may be lost.
  6. And it is easiest if you just scan the QR code. This way you are avoiding any typos too.
Smartpay shows the list of crypto accepted by Chaturbate.

Which coins are accepted on Chaturbate

In 2023, CB accepts the following cryptos:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • USD Coin (USDC)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Polkadot (DOT)
  • Avalanche (AVAX)

Although in the past, many more different crypto are accepted, they include:

  • Ether Classic (ETC) *not anymore
  • Komodo (KMD) *not anymore
  • Lisk (LSK) *not anymore
  • MaidSafeCoin (MAID) *not anymore
  • Stratis (STRAT) *not anymore
  • Vertcoin (VTC) *not anymore
  • Horizen (ZEN) *not anymore
  • Dash (DASH) *not anymore
  • DigiByte (DGB) *not anymore
  • PIVX (PIVX) *not anymore
  • Qtum (QTUM) *not anymore
  • VERGE (XVG) *not anymore

There are other popular coin types like XRP, Bitcoin SV (BSV), or Tron (TRX) that are not accepted at the time being but I am sure it changes over time. Do go back to CB to see if your favorite coin type is available.

Which coins are best for use on Chaturbate

The following table shows how many “coins” it costs for 100 tokens and 500 tokens on Chaturbate on 15 Oct 2020.

 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)Bitcoin (BTC)Ether (ETH)Litecoin (LTC)
100 tokens0.0303410.0006950.0211670.160822
500 tokens0.1517030.0034750.1058340.804108

Unless you are already a fan or follower of a particular alternative of Bitcoin like Ether, Litecoin, or even Dogecoin, most people go for Bitcoin as it is the very first crypto, the most mentioned, and the most widely accepted crypto. However, it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t got any problems. See the price chart and table below about the Bitcoin (BTC) price between 2020 and 2022.

See the difference between number of BTC to spend on the sme 100 Chatubate tokens

Bitcoin price fluctuation

As you can see, Bitcoin prices do fluctuate, In Jan 2021, it tripled the price in 3 months. If you already have Bitcoin in hand before the rise, it means you can now buy Chatubate tokens using only 1/3 of the number of Bitcoins required 3 months ago. Or put it another way, you can now buy 300 tokens instead of 100 tokens for the same number of Bitcoins 3 months ago. But not everyone likes the fluctuation. When the price drops, the value of the BTC in hand drops and lets you buy fewer tokens. It works both ways.

What about the altcoins?

Altcoins come and go too. It may be fashionable and draw the attention of speculators for a while. When there is a new altcoin being introduced, people may go for the new one and forget about the old one. The coins themselves have no value unless there is a market for it, or unless someone demands it. If no one is interested in an old failed altcoin, your holding becomes worthless.

How about stablecoin?

Stablecoin is a type of crypto that targets to keep the value stable. Tether (USDT) is a well-known one. It helps crypto owners avoid the volatility of other cryptocurrencies while still keeping their assets in the crypto market. Tether is pegged against U.S. dollars and maintains a one-to-one ratio. Worth noting that Tether Ltd does not guarantee your right to redeem your Tether for real money. In this case, it is okay because you just buy the Tether turn around, and give it to Chaturbate.

As the price is pretty much fixed, you don’t feel you need to buy it cheap and use it when the price goes up. It is just a tool to:

  1. Protect your privacy. No more trace on credit card statements for your spending on cam, no matter how subtle the company names are.
  2. You also don’t have to provide credit card details to Chaturbate and worry about credit card fraud if Chatubate is ever hacked and your credit card details stolen.

How long does it take the tokens to arrive using crypto?

How long does it take to buy tokens from Chaturbate

According to Chaturbate’s FAQ, tokens will be deposited to your account shortly after the purchase confirmation, and everyone’s definition of “shortly” is different.

Unlike Lightning (a high-speed version of Bitcoin), it all depends on how busy the mempool (where all transactions wait to be confirmed by the Bitcoin network) is and how much fee you offer to the Bitcoin miners. The higher the fee you offer, the more likely your purchase will get into the next available slot of the mempool and get processed. Do you know that Camsoda accepts lightning? You don’t need to know what to do, their gateway will make it work for you.

Chat/pay with crypto and Lightning on Camsoda

If your payment in bitcoins gets into the next block of mempool, it typically takes around 10 minutes to get confirmed. Once your payment with Bitcoin is successful and arrives at Chaturbate’s Bitcoin wallet, then it’s Chaturbate’s job to update your account status and give you the tokens you have bought. This should be all programmatic and shouldn’t take long.

As always, if it takes too long and the tokens still haven’t arrived at your account, you should contact their support.

You can go to to see the status of your payment.

If the status of the invoice is marked “Credited”, then your crypto payment has arrived at CB and they have deposited the tokens into your account. If it shows “Expired” then it means your payment to CB has expired before it was transferred to CB’s wallet/account. You should try the payment again or use a different payment method.


If you are one of the lucky ones who started to own Bitcoin in the early days when it was cheap, it’s now time for you to enjoy it. Besides Chaturbate, there are many cam sites start to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies too. Check them out.

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