Top Tips for Chaturbate Performers

Here are some Chaturbate-specific tips for models:

  1. Short and clear room subject to let viewers know what happened or going to happen in your room.  This is more important than for Flirt4Free for example where rooms are all about the thumbnail and while there is a room “subject” nobody really reads it.  On Chaturbate by comparison subjects are important to let viewers know what is going on, a game, a show, or whatever. Hashtags also let you be found more easily and can be added to the subject line.

  2. Chaturbate has many apps and bots available for use in the chatroom.  The apps can control both the chat box and the panels above and below the cam while bots only control the chat dialogue box.  Simple but useful apps like “Auto-reset goal”, “tippers leaderboard”, “notifier” or “notifier” are a few to name.  Experiment with different ones to see which one works best for you.

  3. Have a good variety of sex toys.  Dildos and buttplugs of different sizes and shapes.  Nipple play toys, heels, stockings, BDSM leather collars, and anything that looks different.  People often want to see something new. Interactive toys like Ohmibod or Lovense are a must these days. Check the Lovense toy site and see what new interactive toys they have to offer.

  4. Find a few good moderators so that there is always someone in your chatroom to help.  See my article on how to choose a good moderator.

  5. Encourage viewers to follow you on Chaturbate and your social media profiles.  There are emoticons readily available or you can make your own.  Type “:follow” in the text chat box to see what happens.

  6. Once you have built up your followers, don’t forget to click the link above your cam that said: “Announce you are online“.  They will be informed that you are online and is available to play.

  7. Twitter ID is allowed on Chaturbate.  You can mention your Twitter ID in your bio and encourage people to follow you on Twitter.  By tweeting your cam schedule on Twitter earlier in the day, your fans know when to expect you to be online.  Occasional sexy pics on Twitter help to keep them on Twitter to follow you too.

  8. Turn on the fan club membership.  You now know who really lusts after you and the extra monthly income is always welcome. 🙂

  9. Viewers on Chaturbate come in 7 colors:
    green: your fan club member
    red: moderator of the chatroom
    dark purple: the viewer who has tipped 1000 tokens or more in the last 2 weeks
    light purple: the viewer who has tipped 250 tokens or more in the last 2 weeks
    dark blue: the viewer who has tipped 50 tokens or above in the last 24 hours
    light blue: this viewer has bought tokens before. But now he may have 0 tokens or 1000, you can sort the user list by the token they own to estimate his status. Note also a model who has an earnings balance will also appear as a light blue if he/she visits another model’s room.
    grey: this viewer has no token and has never bought any

  10. Noteworthy though that the “greys” are not automatically evil.
    – If they are nice and chatty, they can help to keep the room lively.
    – You never know.  I have chatted to a grey a few times.  One day, a few minutes after he left my room, he came back and tipped me 100 tokens.  He probably went to buy a hundred tokens pack and tipped them all to me to show appreciation. It is better than those with tokens who watch you every day but never tip.

  11. Update your bio – there is stupid arse who won’t read your bio and come and ask the questions you have answered in your bio’s FAQ.  But for those who DO read your bio, you are pre-selling yourself to them.  Let them know more about you and your style.  Make them like your person as well and not just the physical appearance they see on the cam.

  12. You can now buy ads from Chaturbate to promote yourself too.  You can even choose to show the ads only when you are online so the person who sees your ads will find your room right away!  Do prepare a good banner of yourself and give it a go!  

  13. Promote yourself on CB – check my post about paying tokens to CB to have your profile on the front page.

  14. A feature launched in Jun 2014: hashtags.  These are keywords you can use in the room subject to identify your niche or show. #bigtits, #unshaved, #latina etc. Note that you should not capitalize the tags or it won’t work. I used #Asian before and it does nothing It should be #asian. See my post on how to get more traffic for your chatroom by using the correct tags to get more guys to come to you.

  15. Add note about a viewer – this is a new feature started in Oct 2020.  Left-click on a user’s name and there is a place for you to write down notes about the guy.  It can be his name, his fetish, what he likes and dislikes, etc.

* Don’t you know that Bongacams is very split cam friendly?  They have a fake private mode to let your viewers on Bongacams to pay and peek if you are doing a private show somewhere else.

Go to Bongacams

For a very different experience try the more traditional Flirt4Free.

See me @Flirt4free

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  1. Thanks. What cam sites do you work on? Any tips on other cam sites you may contribute? 🙂

    What about Is it a good site to work with?

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