Banned by Models at Chaturbate

A letter from a fan

My video fan's letterThis morning, I received one email with subject “Pink Skirt Video Chaturbate, Custom Video”.  I thought, “What on earth is that”.  It turns out it’s a letter from a fan who has bought a video from my Chaturbate account but because I have banned him, he cannot watch the video even he has paid for it. Now he has even asked for custom videos!

What has happened in my CB room? Why did I ban him?

In Chaturbate, whenever someone comes into your room, CB will announce it like this:

Join a chatroom in CB

There is one line per join.

I know you can change the setting for your chatroom so that CB will:

  • Notify on entry when fans, moderators and people with tokens
  • Notify on entry for Mods and fans
  • Not notify at all

I like to see who’s coming in so that I can greet them in advance.

What happened was, this sexyviewer12345 came into my room every few seconds. Therefore my screen is stuffed full with:

sexyViewer12345 has joined the room.
sexyViewer12345 has joined the room.
sexyViewer12345 has joined the room.
sexyViewer12345 has joined the room.
sexyViewer12345 has joined the room….. for several screenful.

After two or three days like this I decided to ban him from my room. It’s far too distracting.

But after he realised that he has been banned, he bought one of my dildo videos.

I feel bad about banning him. But I can’t just unban one person. CB doesn’t allow that. I only have an option to clear ALL bans and silences. Oh well. I just left it at that, till he wrote to me and I have to unban everyone so as to ease his ban.

One thought about banning and what’s purchased

There’s one thought. Even though I have banned someone, does it mean he cannot get to enjoy what he has purchased? I only want to stop the interaction with that person. Surely he is still entitle to watch my videos and see my pics as he has rightfully paid for them. What do you think? Please leave your comment below.


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