How to ban a user in Chaturbate

Banned by Models at Chaturbate

A letter from a fan

My video fan's letterThis morning, I received one email with the subject “Pink Skirt Video Chaturbate, Custom Video”.  I thought, “What on earth is that”.  It turns out it’s a letter from a fan who has bought a video from my Chaturbate account but because I have banned him, he cannot watch the video even he has paid for it. Now he has even asked for custom videos!

What has happened in my CB room? Why did I ban him?

In Chaturbate, whenever someone comes into your room, CB will announce it like this:

Join a chatroom in CB

There is one line per joining.

I know you can change the setting for your chatroom so that CB will:

  • Notify on entry when fans, moderators, and people with tokens
  • Notify on entry for Mods and fans
  • Not notify at all

I like to see who’s coming in so that I can greet them in advance.

What happened was, this sexyviewer12345 came into my room every few seconds. Therefore my screen is stuffed full with:

sexyViewer12345 has joined the room.
sexyViewer12345 has joined the room.
sexyViewer12345 has joined the room.
sexyViewer12345 has joined the room.
sexyViewer12345 has joined the room….. for several screenful.

After two or three days like this, I decided to ban him from my room. It’s far too distracting.

After he realized that he has been banned, he found that he couldn’t even watch my dildo videos that he had bought before and so he searches for my online presence until he finally found my email address from my website.

I feel a bit sorry about banning him. But I can’t just unban one person. CB doesn’t allow that. I only have an option to clear ALL bans and silences. Oh well. I just left it at that, till he wrote to me and I have to unban everyone so as to ease his ban. (This is not true anymore. CB has changed the ban/unban interface and models can now permanently ban or short-term ban individual viewer.)

How long does a ban last

If you got silenced in the room, you can’t chat for 6 hours, but you will be able to chat again afterward.  A ban by the model typically lasts for a month.  Unless he/she really can’t stand you and will change that into a permanent ban; otherwise, one month after you were banned you will be allowed to see him/her and watch and chat again.

how to silence user in Chaturbat

If you do get banned, please read my post about how to get yourself unbanned here.

One thought about banning and what’s purchased

There’s one thought. Even though I have banned someone, does it mean he cannot get to enjoy what he has purchased? I only want to stop the interaction with that person. Surely he is still entitled to watch my videos and see my pics as he has rightfully paid for them. What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “Banned by Models at Chaturbate

  1. Smartaus

    That’s a rather stupid design to make model unban everyone. People do make mistake sometimes. No matter the model pressed the wrong button or the guy got drunk and said some stupid things, cb should allow the model to change it one by one, with a unban ALL option.

  2. Hony Tsoi Post author

    Smartaus, maybe you are not the only one who said the same thing. As of Jul 2019, Chaturbate has changed their banning and unbanning options for models.

    By default, a banned user will be free again after one month, unless the model chose specifically as “permanently ban”. There’s good and bad of course. Banned users got a second chance to come back and be good. At the same time, banned pest got to come back again in a month to cause more trouble.

  3. Hony Tsoi Post author

    I presume you must have received an email from cb about what have you done wrong. Can you fix it and then apologize and ask them to unban it? Unless you have done something really bad…

  4. Joseph Holleman

    Hi I really enjoy your topics, and I’ve been a male performer off and on for 15 years but I’m fairly new to Chaturbate and have a couple of questions about being a performer in CB. First you mentioned that other performers or viewers will come to your room and leave and come back again, and I have this problem with other female performers doing this to me and only the performers, what do they want me to do? Second is there a bot or someway to stop the performers that comes into my room, which I don’t mind but found out they are with a studio but they are watching other performers while they are in my room. I don’t appreciate this but I don’t want to block the region they are from because I do have fans from there area. And there’s around 20 of them that do this and it’s the early morning group also. Sorry about the length of this I’m still learning and would like to know. Thank you so much.

  5. Hony Tsoi Post author

    Hi Joseph, luckily the come and leave problem is rare.

    As for stopping performers to come into your room, CB has nothing to stop this, frustratingly. You can utmost silence other “age-verified broadcasters” on the Settings tab next to the no. of users in your room. That’s about it. In your case, if they are watching the others then they are definitely not chatting or spamming your room.

    Second thought though, having the other performers in your room (without sending spam) does increase the head count of your room. It may not be a bad thing overall.

    Meanwhile, I will look around for bots and let you know if I find it. Have fun.

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