Chaturbate FAQ

FAQ and all you need to know about Chaturbat

What is Chaturbate?

Chaturbate combines casual chatting, hot, sexy, flirty chats to masturbation, live couple sex, or even group sex.  Anything legal goes basically.

What is included in this post:

  1. How does Chaturbate work?
  2. Do I need to give credit card details to watch Chaturbate porn cam?
  3. Do I need a webcam to register? Will models be able to see me?
  4. Is Chaturbate membership free? Benefits?
  5. Meaning of Chaturbate room status
  6. Why do I appear Grey in the chatroom? How to change the color?
  7. Who is that green guy in the chatroom?
  8. What do I get if I join a model’s fan club?
  9. What are tags in Chaterbate?

How does Chaturbate work?

If you are happy with being a voyeur and never say a word to the hot cutie you are watching, then you have one less reason to create an account.  Guests with no account can watch but no chat. However, you do have to put up with the ads Chaturbate put above and to the right of the chat window.

If you want to be able to freely chat and ads-free, then you’d better register.

No matter you want to watch a show or be the performer, the account is the same.  There is no difference between viewer accounts, performer accounts, or even webmaster accounts that help to promote Chaturbate.  It’s very clever because at any time a performer may decide to watch other people’s hot cams and he/she doesn’t have to switch accounts.  Same for the viewers.  If they tipped too much or just want some extra pocket money, they can be a performer and earn some tokens (if his/her account is verified.

Tokens are used on the site to tip, buy pic/video sets, or watch group shows or private shows.

Do I need to give credit card details to watch Chaturbte porn cam?

No, you can register without giving your credit card details to Chatubate.

Do I need a webcam to register? Will models be able to see me?

If you want to broadcast yourself, then yes, you will need to have a webcam and verify that you are of legal age to broadcast yourself.

If you just want to watch other people’s cams, then you don’t need a webcam. And Models won’t be able to see you unless you start a chatroom to broadcast or click the “cam2cam” button to show yourself to the model.

Is Chaturbate membership free?

Basic membership is free unless you want to be a supporter of the site which costs $19.9/month.

Benefits of a Chaturbate supporter

When you are a supporter, you can PM (private message) a model directly without asking for him/her to initiate it. But it is still up to him/her to respond to your PM.

Meaning of the Chaturbate room status

When you arrive at, you will see a page full of chatrooms of guys and girls showing themselves. And at the bottom of the corner of each thumbnail, you may see wordings like HD, New, Chaturbating. What are they? What do they mean?

CB room status: new, HD, chaturbating, promoted
  • New – new is obvious. This model has newly started to broadcast in CB.
  • Exhibitionist – this model has claimed that he/she is over 18 or the legal age at his/her location to broadcast. CB hasn’t verified this account yet. So, this model won’t be able to receive any tips and tributes.  There are mainly two types of exhibitionists: 1) real exhibitionist 2) models who are not verified to earn yet.
    It’s commonly seen for models who have signed up but haven’t got the account verified yet for receiving tips or earning from the galleries. They typically go online anyway to attract followers, until their accounts are verified and will become Chaturbating or HD depends on their streaming quality.  While real exhibitionists are more often guys who want to show their manhood to the models they like.
    Exhibitionist on CB to promote his Onlyfans and Twitter accounts
  • HD – this model has high definition live streaming, meaning he/she is broadcasting at least 702p or 1080p and give you a better DVD quality video.
  • Chaturbating – this model has been verified by CB to be of legal age. He/she can receive tips if he wants to. (This used to be commonly seen as the room status before HD is the norm. If you see “Chaturbating” nowadays, it means the model is live streaming at standard definition and the streaming quality won’t be as good as the HD rooms.)
  • Promoted – models may choose to pay and advertise on the front page of CB. See my post for the details.
  • Recommended – this model is recommended by CB. They based on your usage pattern and recommend models you may like on the top of the page for you. You can always turn it off by going to the Advanced Option (at the top right-hand corner), tick the box for “Disable recommendation”. Once you disable it, CB clears away all your preferences. This is one way to reset your preference and start again all over if you want.

Why do I appear Grey in the chatroom? How to change the color?

Chaturbate marks viewers with different colors based on their token status.

If you have no tokens at all, then you are grey.

If you have tokens in your account, then you will be blue. On top of that, if you have tipped over 50 tokens in the past 24 hours, you will be dark blue (which makes you more respectable and welcome by the models. lols) or you will be light blue if you have tipped less than 50. Any shade of blue is better than grey. Purples are typically welcomed coz light purple means you have tipped at least 250 tokens in the last two weeks while dark purple means you have at least tipped 1000 tokens.

Who is that green guy in the chatroom?

Green viewers have joined the fan club of the model. He has been paying a monthly membership fee for the fan club.

What do I get if I join a model’s fan club?

If you join a model’s fan club in Chaterbate, it gives you a different status both in his/her chatroom and in Chaterbate.  You get:

  • You can send him/her private messages without waiting for the model to initiate it (You can get that if you are a CB supporter who pays $19.9 each month)
  • Access the fan-club-subscribers-only pictures and videos that he/she has uploaded to the site.  (It used to be ALL the pictures and videos are available to fans. Since Onlyfans type sites appear and the “fans-only” concept prevails, they have to re-market the galleries and so fans actually receive less benefits than before in terms of pics and videos.)
  • Models are encouraged to offer extra benefits to fans.  It can be discounts with private shows, free password shows, or access to his/her social media. It’s all up to the models.
  • You will be listed at the top of his/her user list and your chat ID will be green to differentiate you from the rest of the viewers. And if he/she chooses to, your entry to the chatroom will be announced in the room

Watch out for the Fan Club membership payment and duration

Fan club membership can be as low as 50 tokens to 2,500 tokens a month. That is about USD5 to USD250 a month.  What you have to consider is:

  • If you just want to try one month, pay the membership with a credit card rather than your token balance because your credit card will be charged monthly until you cancel it.
  • If you are very devoted to the model and want to show full support, then go ahead to pay with your token balance because you will be billed 3 months each time if you pay with tokens.

What are tags in Chaturbate?

Models can use hashtags on their room subjects to indicate their specialties. #squirt, #buttplug, #deepthroat, anything goes.

When you click on a tag, it will show you a page full of models that use that tag and presumably will do that show too. For details about how to make use of Chaturbate’s tags to find your niches or models, click here.

Got more questions?

Just leave a message here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Chaturbate FAQ”

  1. I broadcasted myself and a few visitors were watching. I wanted to Video Chat with one of the visitors Cam2Cam one2one. I PM’d the other person but there wasn’t an option for me to click to watch that person’s Webcam. Do i need to activate my webcam? What should i do? I want to Cam2Cam One2One with another person.

  2. Hi Edward,
    I know. In your case it isn’t obvious how to watch the visitor in your room. When you click his/her username, if you see a pic next to “view profile”, it means he/she is broadcasting and if you click through you will be in his/her chatroom. If you can’t see the pic, however, his/her cam is not on. See a detailed post on cam2camin Chaturbate here. 🙂

  3. Ive noticed that some people send erotic pictures to performers on the chat text. How is that done and are there any restrictions people should follow if they were to do so?

  4. Hi Linda,

    I presume you mean the emoticons you see on the chat screen. Yes, there are plenty stored in CB. And you can upload your own if your CB account has tokens.

    You can explore it when you broadcast next time. Try typing colon (:) and words related to your thought. For example, if I am looking for pussy-related emoticons, start typing :puss and CB will start to show you a list of emoticons that are related to pussy, pussylicking and etc. Click on them one by one and you will see the preview.

    Some guys will upload picture of his cock to and give it a shortcut name, say, my8inch and submit it to CB. If CB approves it, then anyone on CB can use :my8inch to show a picture of cock (not knowing whose cock is that).

    As always, the picture should not be copyrighted, illegal and offensive. Try browsing on CB and see what’s allowed.

    It can be fun.

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