Is it worth taking the F4F VIP membership

How to join or cancel Flirtforfree VIP membership

Q:Is it worth taking the VIP membership?
A: Only if you’re a voyeur or you want to send/receive pic to/from your model.

Sometimes people ask me – Is it worthwhile to take the Flirt4free VIP membership?  For most people, it’s probably not worth it.  Unless you really want to interact with the model more, say, send her your pic, or receive pictures from her.  There are more benefits for the VIP membership but whether it’s worth it or not, depends on what you’re after.  Let’s see the difference:

Benefits that ONLY VIP got:

  1. send/receive pictures from models
  2. VIP stands out in the chatroom, coz you don’t fall into the “beggars” category, you paid for extra services.
  3. Unlimited free access to Live Cams Mansion and voyeur the Flirt Babes day and night (perfect if you are into voyeurism)
  4. 200 free videos every day
  5. you can turn off the grey people in the chatroom and don’t see their chattering
  6. Free feature shows, typically by models-of-the-month or even porn stars sometimes
  7. Unlimited access to your recorded shows.
  8. 5% off all video purchases

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Voyeur @ F4F LiveCamsMansion

So, if you want to send her a picture every day of you jerking off for her.  Or just to show her more about yourself through photos, then yes, this is a legitimate way of connecting with her. Bear in mind, most cam chat sites don’t like models, and viewers get connected in any way other than live chat on site.

Voyeur mansion sounds great if you are a peeking Tom. 5 hot Flirt Babes live in this mansion and it’s up to you to choose different cameras around the house to watch. For more details of the voyeur house, please see my post here.

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Free videos?  Nah, you can get free videos everywhere.  How often do you pay for porn videos these days?

Being able to not hearing from the grey chatters in the chatroom can be useful sometimes. Not all Greys are bad but some just beg and beg without tipping and that’s annoying.

Free feature shows – basically free porn stars show.  Unless you are porn star fans or it doesn’t matter too much for you.  Any hot girls in action are good enough, it doesn’t matter if she is a famous porn star or not.

VIP stands out in chatroomthat’s a good reason to get the VIP membership if you do plan to have more interaction with the model rather than just enjoy watching her nice body.  Sweet and kind words are nice to ears, tips and private shows pay the bills.  Models do need to pay bills too so a generous-looking VIP (who shows by being willing to pay a bit extra to get extra services) is more welcoming than a grey or someone who doesn’t tip.

As for unlimited access to your recorded shows, Chaturbate is doing that anyway.  If you ever have a private show with a model, the show is recorded and you can access it any time you want.  There is no limit on CB for that.

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