Flirt4free FAQ

Flirt4free FAQs

FAQ of Flirt4free Cam Chat

Basic facts

Q: Is it really free?
A: Yes, it can cost you nothing especially if you just want to watch and don’t interact with the models.  In fact, you can be a Premium member without spending a cent.  How?  See this post.

Q: Is it safe? Is it legitimate? Any hidden costs or traps?
A: There is no hidden costs or trap.  They started in 1996 if there is any they won’t be around anymore.  See my detailed post about whether it’s safe and reliable here.

Q: Do I need to give them my credit card details to watch the cams?
A: Strictly speaking, no.  You can stay to be a Basic member but enjoy fewer features.  However, if credit card details are your only concern, you may try paying them with Bitcoins.  They do accept Bitcoins and give you anonymity. Stripchat and Chaturbate are other sites that accept Bitcoins too.

Q: Is it better to have a webcam to watch the models?
A: It’s all up to you.  Flirt4free does support cam-2-cam.  If you would like to be watched by the model, then yes.  Some people, however, may concern about privacy and don’t want their faces to be shown in which case you don’t need one.

Q: Any recurring charges in F4F?
A: Only if you choose to be a VIP member there then there is a monthly charge.  But it’s not hidden, you have to click around different options for being a VIP so it can’t happen “by accident”.  So, don’t worry.  And you can cancel at any time.

Q: What special features do they have?
A: F4F has featured shows regularly and sometimes they are of famous porn stars.  What’s better is that VIP members get to watch featured shows for free.  Their Super-Voyeur mode is pretty cool too.  You can voyeur up to 6 private chats if you have a fast internet connection.  Not to mention the email system and virtual gifts to models are a good way to connect with the models when they are offline.  It deserves a separate post to talk about them.

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For Models

Q: Can anyone broadcast there, or do they only accept studios?
A: F4F used to be more studio-oriented.  But now there are more individual models.  I applied last year as an individual performer and broadcast there for a little while.  I have no problem with that.

Q: What is it like to broadcast in F4F?
A: I have broadcast there for a while.  See my experience here.

Q: Do I need special hardware or install any software?
A: For hardware, it’s pretty much standard for any webcam broadcasting – fast internet connection, HD camera, and good lighting.  To broadcast, you can choose to download the Performer Application or broadcast using the Web Interface.  The Performer Application, however, does give you more controls and options.

Q: Is it easy to get help?
A: Yes, you can email your support (for models) or the forums are full of helpful people too.

Q: Is there any problem with their payouts?
A: Not that I’ve heard of.  There are plenty of models in their forum.  You can always sign up first and go to the forum for problems and advice.

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