F4F Model Tips: Types of Customers

As a cam model, knowing your customers is very important.  Here, I don’t mean knowing their personal details or interests.  We haven’t gone that far yet.  If you are broadcasting and looking for fun, then it doesn’t matter and doesn’t apply and you can stop reading this post now.  If, however, you are looking to earn some pocket money or earn a living then you should know the financial status of your viewers.

Chaturbate tippers’ colors

As I am used to broadcasting at Chaturbate, viewers are clearly marked as grey, blue,  dark blue, light purple, and dark purple.  Grey means no credit and can’t tip or go private. It’s very straightforward.  While the rest of them have bought tokens at least at one point in their life on Chaturbate. 

  • Light blue has own or bought tokens but may not have tipped so far
  • Dark blue has tipped the least in the last 2 weeks. He has tipped at least 50 tokens in the last 2 weeks
  • Light purple has tipped at least 250 tokens in the last 2 weeks
  • Dark purple has tipped at least 1,000 tokens in the last 2 weeks 

Flirt4free tippers’ colors

In Flirt4free, however, there is slightly more work for the models or live streamers to identify the difference.

It’s only easy to see the grey California_12345 having even got their email registered so they are far from getting any credits.

The white viewers, however, can be a Basic member or Premium member.  Premium members have their credit card information provided to F4F which means they are ready to buy credits even if they have none in their pocket now.  While Basic basic member has not provided their credit card detail and is one step more from tipping you or taking you to a private show.

But there is no easy way to see whether the Whites are basic or premium. You have to move the mouse over the viewer’s name to see their status.

Using the Flir4free receptionist function

You can go to the receptionist setting so that the receptionist option will notify you when a Premium member or VIP member comes in.  But if there are more people in the room, we may lose track of it.  Chaturbate, by comparison, is much much simpler.  In Chaturbate, you can even sort the viewers by the number of tokens they have (although not showing how many tokens they have.)  Unlike Bongacams which do show the viewers’ credit status but we know it’s not decisive.  They can always buy more.


I think I know why Flirtforfree doesn’t differentiate between the Basic and Premium customers conveniently for the models.  By doing so, the models just have to be equally responsive to them and therefore the model acts as a salesperson to make the Basic feel positive and start buying credits.  Though it’s more work for the models.


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