Tips for broadcasting on

Tips for modeling at

First of all, you need to know the various types of chat available on and what are the rules and constraints there.  You have to set the price right for each of them.  They are very important.

  1. Broadcast in HD if you have the equipment and a good internet connection.  It’s because models broadcast HD are listed first on the Who’s online page.
  2. Free live chat is the place you show off your beauty and sexiness.  Go to Nude Chat as soon as you gather a crowd.  Real earnings are in party chat and private chat.

There are a lot of things you can do on the home page of the Model’s Control Panel (

  1.  Activity Feed: Treat it like Facebook status.  Just write a line about how horny you feel.  This will be shown on the home page of those who have marked you as a favorite.  One way to remind them about you.
  2. Under “My followers”, there is a long list of your Recent Visitors and Top Spenders.  You are allowed to send them bulk messages once every three days.  Keep it simple. Let them know about your schedule, new photos in the fan club, or new discounts.  Don’t overdo it though.  You don’t want to look too spammy.

Under “My Accounts“, check out the following:

  1. Make sure you look good in the Promotional image and show off your best feature.
  2. Update both your free show photos and nude show photos.  These pictures are automatically captured by the site and put in here.  Remove the ones that you are not happy with.
  3. Set your pricing for each type of chat.
  4. Choose your earning percentage.  This is how much you earn for the tips and shows, ranging from 15% to 45%.  They claim that if you set it below 30% your chatname will be highlighted on the Who’s online page.  On the same page, it will show you your ranking of this particular percentage setting.  eg.
    In Free Chat, you show up in position 184 out of 346 places.
    In Nude Chat, you show up in position 41 out of 97 places. Play with the percentage to see if it makes any difference.  It is not significant in my case, so I chose the top 45% instead.  🙂
  5. Fan club – after you have 10 recorded shows or earned $30 in 30 days, a link for joining your fan club will be available.. You should have photos ready for the gallery.  Click through to “view my fan club” and record an introduction video to make it more personalized.

During broadcast:

Setting up the room

  1. Know the types of members – You may have different strategies for different types of members. Fan club members (the light blue ones) give you steady membership income but we know real money comes from tips and shows.  Both light and dark greens are good in general coz they have credits in hand this second.  While Bounty member (orange one) earns you an extra 25% every time he tips/gives you virtual gifts or watches your show.  The black ones are your potential Bounty member.  If you can convince them to make the first order immediately after chatting to you then you get him as a bounty member and earn an extra 25% from all his spendings to you throughout his lifetime on this site.
  2. List of viewersCheck the viewers’ status – The list of viewers under your video is very useful.  You need to recognize the various symbols and prioritize who and how much attention you want to pay to them.  As you can see there are 2 Greens who have credits in hand. The following symbols give you a one-glance status of your viewers:Member status* 1st one: Fan club member. Easier to convince them into private but at a discounted price.
    * 2nd one: Premiere member.  He pays monthly membership fees to stay Premiere so he is not that hard up but he also gets discounts for your show.
    * 3rd one: If this symbol appears under this column, you are already watching his cam on your screen via cam2cam.  You get $0.1/min.  It’s easy $ in my opinion.
    * 4th one: It’s your bounty member, get him to tip you, send you a gift, or take you to show.  You earn an extra 25% on top of your normal share.
    * 5th one: He is using a mobile phone so he can’t do cam2cam and he has no audio either.
  3. Encourage offline virtual gifts.  Similar to Chaturbate’s offline tips, they just implemented offline virtual gifts too.  What’s better than earning money while you are offline?  Tell them how much you love surprise gifts.  “I saw my friend got a vibrator”  “Wish I got that diamond earrings too…..”Virtual gifts $2 - $5Virtual gifts $10 - $50Virtual gifts $50- $300Virtual gifts $100- $500
  4. Split cam – If your internet connection is good, split cam is a good way to earn some extra money.  Bongacams is a good one for this.  There is a “Private Mode” in Bongacams which allows you to appear as “in private”.  You may set yourself in this mode at Bongacams at all times and let the voyeur cam happens.  Viewers in Bongacam are so used to spy cam that they often come to me and ask me to a fake private show so that they can pay the voyeur rate only.  This used to annoy me a lot.
  5. Get some good sex toys – Interactive toy is in. The interactive dildo Lovense Lush lets you send a link to the viewer to control your sex toy for a certain period of time, which converts very well.
Buy Lush from Lovense

Anyway, the list can go on and on.  Leave me a comment here if you have some better tips or if they have new features that help us earn more.  🙂

Go to Go to Bongacams

Do you speak Spanish? See how much models earn

If you speak Spanish, may be your split cam choice. is a Spanish-based cam site. Most models speak Spanish there and the site’s default language is Spanish too.

    Check out the earnings of the top models of here. Besides the usual tips and shows earnings, models get daily prizes money too. Check it out!

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  1. How much are the credits worth when someone tips the model? I.e I was tipped 10 credits.. And then paid 100 credits for a private chat
    Thank you

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