Is Ohmibod or Lovense good for Cam Models?

Lovense on cam

Some people asked, “Is teledildonics like Ohmibod or Lovense good for cam girls?” I thought I will find it out myself.

In the past, I have never tried any interactive sex toy, let alone do shows with it.  Kiiro started to appear in Flirt4free but it’s very new to many people and hardly any cam girls use it coz it’s expensive.  And then when Ohmibod first came out, it was very controversial.  Lots of viewers criticized it and claimed the models fake it.  I didn’t want to get involved in that.  (see my post about Ohmibod on Chaturbate here.)  When Lovense’s Lush came out, it was different.  It doesn’t rely only on sound, the reaction of the toy is done via software (browser + extension program) so it sounds a lot more believable and reasonable.  This is how it drives me to buy a Lush from Lovense and give it a go.  The results – are encouraging.  🙂

Is it good for Cam models?

I think this question comes down to what type of cam model you are.

If you are the type of person who can’t really talk continuously and be engaging, having an interactive sex toy for the viewers to play around helps to kill the dead air sometimes.  Real moans and groans are more entertaining and save yourself from talking gibberish. I belong to this type so I found that Lovense cam helps. My tips have gone up a lot comparing to setting goals for dildo fuck, inserting buttplug, cum show and etc.

However, if you are charming and engaging, let your body and personality shine. Your fans love you and will tip you even you just give him a wink.

Ohmibod attracts well-off tippers

One thing I noticed is that most tippers who play Ohmibod or Lovense in my chatroom are of VIP membership or high tippers (E.g. light or dark purple members in Chaturbate).  I suppose it’s only the well-off viewers who can afford to tip repeatedly to watch and enjoy the girls’ moan and reaction for a while finding it fun. It’s disappointing for the viewer to tip a couple of times and the show is finished. This also explains why I got more tips after I use Lovense Lush. There’s more motivation for the guys to tip.

Aggressive masochist vs kind cam viewers

Someone asked, “does Ohmibod attracts more aggressive and control freak viewers?” From my experience, most of the time you get neutral to kind fans. When I say neutral I mean the guys just want to enjoy watching a sexy girl wiggle in front of the cam and hear her moan. All for his visual and sexual stimulation and hoping to get to the climax himself. It’s selfish. He doesn’t want her to stop moaning because the moans drive him mad and he knows that leads him to cum. Kind fans respond to the girls’ call for help. She is horny. She begs for more vibration in her vagina. She wants to cum. The viewer tipped as much as he can afford to fulfill her needs, to make her feel good. There are times of joint efforts – multiple guys tipping at the same time to help the model cum. In the end, everybody is happy. The girl gets her cum and tips, tippers feel good for being able to provide and please his favorite girl. The harmonic and grateful state after the cum show is beautiful. It makes you forget the chores, Brexit or Donald Trump for a while.

What next?

OK. The cam chat world is now covered in teledildonics. What next?

At the moment, the majority of the teledildonics cam’s are one way, meaning the tippers tip and the toy vibrates on the model’s side. Although the toys are capable of bi-directional, it costs too much for casual viewers. Bi-directional here refers to both model and viewer have a sex toy and the toys interact via the internet such that the girl receives the thrusting from the guy and the guy feels the reaction of her vagina to his actions. Currently, Lovense’s Max (for men) and Nora (dildo for girls) can do that. I have a viewer in my chatroom asking for that though it’s rare. Because a Lovense Max costs USD99. Casual cam viewers are not interested in spending that much. Again this is a rich man’s game.

On a different note, I read that we have the first sex doll brothel. It’s £100/hour to date a high-quality silicone doll. What do you think?

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