The Controversial OhMiBod

Not the buzz that OhMiBod or CB is looking for

OhmibodWhat is OhMiBod?

OhMiBod’s idea originated from Suki Dunham, the ex-Apple product marketing professional back in 2004, when she received a vibrator and a iPod from her husband for Christmas.  She thought it would be a great idea to pair the two together and “tad daa” OhMiBod was born.  This also explains why OhMiBod looks a lot more stylish than most sex toys.   😉

The product first made itself known in Grammy Award 2010 when given out as one of the gadgets in the techy theme gift bags.  At that time, it was a single vibrator to plug into the iPod. Nowadays, it has developed into several different varieties of vibrators using Wifi, 3G and bluetooth – including BlueMotion (the best seller),  Lovelife, Club Vibe and music vibrators.

What’s the fuss in Chaturbate?

OhMiBod started to appear in Chaturbate about three months ago.  The selling point is that, the vibrator is triggered by sound, including the notification sound of a tip in Chaturbate.  You guess the rest.  The more you tip, the more her vibrator buzzes inside her.  All of a sudden, lots of models of CB rushed to get one for themselves and CB is full of ohmibod.  Still, what’s the fuss?

Frankly speaking, if you tip a model and she hardly responded to the vibration of the toy you won’t be motivated to tip again, right?  At least not for playing with this vibrator.  So, I am not surprised that some models exaggerated their reactions until to the extent that it became unbelievable.  Tippers calling the models scam, fake, and the models insisted that they are not.

Is it really a fake, a scam?

We all choose what we want to believe.  If you are not gay, you can’t believe why one guy wants to kiss and have sex with another guy.  If you like shaved pussy you can’t imagine why one would want to eat a hairy pussy and get his mouth full of pubic hair!  Can the OhmiBod make a girl cum? Possibly.  Just like one in a million chance there is someone out there who get very excited by something totally perverted (by your standard)  and guess what, Chaturbate attracts them all.  Nothing is impossible.  Ultimately, it comes down to individual perception of how the model should react to the tip sound for the ohmibod.  If it passes his threshold, he will believe it and won’t call it a scam.

Everyone is different and sensitivity is different.  One has to judge if a reaction is fake or not by the model’s regular reaction (when ohmibod  is not used).  On top of that, if she is fertile she will be more horny and more excited.  If the room is full of life and flirts versus a quiet room without much happening, that affects the model’s mood too.

At the end of the day, it’s the model’s duty to make himself/herself horny in front of the cam so the expression of feeling becomes genuine.  When that is achieved, it doesn’t matter what individual tipper said.  In long run, lies will flop and the real horny hot models stay.

Second note, what do you think of Flirt4free’s new gadget Kiiroo?  The toy both lets you send in thrusting and pumping signals to the model and for you to receive her intimate genital reactions when you wear one on you.

Let me know what you think.

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  1. After 3 months’ argument in CB app’s comments, there are still over 90 models using ohmibod. Although it’s a lot less common in the top rooms.

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