Teledildonics on Cam

Interactive Sex Toys (Teledildonics/ Smart Vibrator) on Cam

Most major webcam chat sites now support cyber dildonics play such that the viewers can remotely control the “smart sex toy” model wear.  With the popularity of smartphones and people are started to be familiar with Bluetooth pairing (especially more and more people like to use selfie-sticks to take pictures), interactive teledildonics aka cyberdildonics sex toys are spreading all over online webcam chat sites.

What is interactive sex toys

It is also called interactive sex toys because it’s not like the classic solo sex toy in which the wearer controls it himself/herself, it’s controlled by someone else. 

The viewer tips via the cam site, the tip amount received will trigger the browser extension and the browser extension will turn on the interactive sex toy with pre-set intensity and duration via the Bluetooth connection.

Development of interactive sex toys

We have seen remote-controlled sex toys used in Sakuralive a few years back but it was relying on the cam site’s own software to implement the control. It’s self-contained and it hasn’t attracted competitors to compete in this field.

By 2014, Ohmibod, the sound controlled vibrator  which dates back to 2008 when it was working with ipod, has configured it to work with Android phones and iPhones.  Since then, many cam girls started to use Ohmibod on webcam to get tips from viewers.  The models choose how intense the toy react by responding to the tip sound of the viewers.  This was a hugh success at first (as seen on though later on many viewers believe that the models fake their reactions and doesn’t believe that the toy really react to the tip sound accordingly. This became very controversial and has divided the viewer crowd to love-it or hate-it.  See my post about the Ohmibod-fake chaos.

Roughly at the same time, Flirt4free has introduced Kiiroo to their site.  It wasn’t a hit because to fully enjoy the experience, the viewers are best to own a toy to receive the intimate reactions of the model.  It’s not cheap and even the viewer finally bought one for himself, there are not many other cam sites you can use it on, so it has very limited use.  Even now, Dec 2016, I can see 90% of the girls in the interactive section of Flirt4free are using Ohmibod while only a few still stuck with Kiiroo.

By 2016, Lovense started to pick up. See trend above. Put your mouse over the chart to see data of different period.

Lovense is better than Ohmibod in the way that it’s not just reacted to sound.  The model can use a browser extension to set up the intensity and duration of the toy in response to different tip levels. It’s definitely growing. It just needs the PR of Lovense to work harder and be more innovative to add more features to make it fly.

Just now, I receive a notification from xLoveCam that the top 300 cam models get a sound-reacted sex toy called Doreen. We are surely going to see a lot more remote-controlled sex toys on cam in 2017!

How to cam with Lovense

Updated status of interactive sex toys on porn cam in 2021

As Ohmidbod has started early in the cam industry, they are leading for a while. It reached its peak around Christmas in 2017 and continued to lead for another 3 quarters.

In 2019, with the introduction of the USB Bluetooth adapter and Lush 2 by Lovense, Ohmidbod has lost its steam and Lovense has successfully taken over the adult cam models market and has replaced Ohmidbod to be the top commonly used sex toys on cam.

In 2021, Lush 3 by Lovense was born. It boasts about longer battery life, better connection, etc. But it is almost double the price of the Lush(1), $119 vs $69. I believe most camgirls are happy to save $50 and stay with the original Lush. Sex toys are consumables after all. For more stories and history about interactive sex toys, please check out my latest post here.

3 thoughts on “Teledildonics on Cam”

  1. I’m not sure when exactly this article was written, but it seems to me as if Lovense is now picking up steam on Chaturbate, it’s replacing the Ohmibod in many rooms. On Flirt4Freee, Ohmibod still seems more popular, but I think Lovense will get stronger.

    I was wondering how it works though – if it doesn’t react to the sound of the tips, how does the information about the tip amounts get from the browser extension to the toy? Is there a Bluetooth connection or something similar?

    Also, did you try them both and how do they compare for you?

    On Chaturbate you can sometimes see models going through extreme emotions with these toys when high amounts are being tipped – I’ve been wondering if a simple vibration tool can really give a woman an ecstatic feeling like that, or if it’s mostly good acting on the models’ part. Surely every woman is different, but it would be interesting to hear your opinion.

  2. Hi Jamie,

    Thank you so much for your comment and feedback. Yes, Lovense is getting very popular in Chaturbate while other sites like Bongacams is still not quite the main thing.

    As for how these toys work, we know Ohmibod is sound based while Lovense is even more configurable. I haven’t tried Ohmibod so I can’t comment on its effectiveness in terms of reacting to tip sound or level of vibration. I do play with Lovense quite a lot these days so I can share my experience with you here.

    First, to make Lovense (no matter Nora or Lush) work, the model needs to have an account create with She also needs to download a Chrome extension or even use Lovense’s proprietary web browser together with the Chrome extension to run Flirt4free or any other cam sites that support Lovense. Her mobile phone, needless to say, has internet connection and also Bluetooth to the toy. When a tipper tips, the Chrome extension captures the tip amount. Based on the settings (level of vibration and duration) at the extension that the model choose, the extension will send off command and instruction to the model’s account with The phone is constantly checking for commands from this account and so once tips is received, commands for the toy will go to the phone and be executed by the toy via Bluetooth.

    As you said, the extreme emotions shown varies on models. For me, Lovense has 4 levels: low, medium, high and ultra high. I set the Low for 1 token as most people expect they can play with 1 token (ALL rooms allow that). But frankly speaking the vibration is so slow is not doing very much.

    Medium level, however, “now we are talking”. When someone mixed many seconds of low vibration and one or two Medium, I can tell right away and it feels good enough that I started to moan. High and Ultra High are another level of pleasure though when it gets to that sort of intense vibration, sometimes I can’t tell the difference of these two. For me, at least Medium vibration if not High is much more preferable. 🙂 Call me greedy. Lols

    Hope I have answered your questions. 🙂 Have you used any cam sites that I haven’t mentioned here? Do let me know if I have missed any new good sites. 🙂


  3. A quick update: besides the 4 level of vibration: low, medium, high and ultra high, Lovense Lush now has patterns too. They are:

    – wave pattern
    – pulse pattern
    – fireworks pattern
    – earthquake pattern

    These patterns are not fixed duration. Models configure how much tip amount for how long the pattern lasts. Needless to say, the longer it vibrates, the more one can feel the pattern.

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