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Flirt4free.. aka Flirtforfree. An old and established sex webcam chat since late 1990.

Flirt4free is fit for Hercules, The Man from UNCLE, and Fabrizio Mioni

Fabrizio Mioni (1930-2020), the Italian actor who appeared in the films “Hercules (1958), The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1964), and many more, was found to be a big customer of Flirt4free during his last few years of life.

This piece of gossip came to light when Flirt4free sued Fabrizio’s brother Mauro and his estate for breach of contract in Aug 2021. … Read more

hunk on cam

Gay jerk off cam

Although there are many jerk off cams available online, the majority of them are broadcasting girls and for guys to jerk off to the cam girls. There are comparatively a lot less gay or bi guys only cam chat sites around. This article is going to give you a comprehensive list of guys-only cams for you to jerk off with.… Read more

Where are my Flirt4free show recordings?

Every time you go into a party show or private show, it is highly likely that they are recorded and will be available for viewing again in 24 hours’ time. Why? And how?

What are the processes of recording shows on F4F?

Every paid show will be recorded at the beginning. When the show has finished, the show will be … Read more

Flirt4fre Black Friday discount

Black Friday Discount with Flirt4free

Black Friday is coming and here is the deal with Flirt4free.

Flirt4free is going to introduce new credit packages for customers during the Black Friday Blowout. Needless to say, the bigger the credit package you buy the more savings you get.

There is also 25% on VODs. Don’t miss out if you love their videos.

The 120 free credits for Read more

Flirt4free’s Live Cams Mansion for Voyeur

Not a new idea. AmsterdamliveXXX have done it over 10 years ago. Can Flirtforfree do it better?

Flirt4free live cam mansionHave you noticed that when you arrived at Flirt4free, there is a menu option on the right called “Channel”?  If you click on it, it reveals that it’s a voyeur cam for their mansion where a few girls are living in there and … Read more

Flirt4free discounts during Halloween

Flirt4free Halloween Discount and Prize

Flirt4free Halloween Discount and Prize

It’s that time of the year again.  F4F has made it big and made it fun.  Loads of contests for the models to make sure it’s full of Halloween atmosphere and the models are going to be attentive so these 6 days (26 – 31 Oct 2016) are going to be fantastic for the viewers … Read more

Latest Discount Code for Flirt4free

Flirt4free Discount Code 

2016 discount code for flirt4free from twitterIf you are Twitter user, please check out Flirt4free’s official account @flirt4free.  This week they are giving out different discount codes to be used for buying credits.  These credits can be used for tipping your favorite cam girl, watching private cam shows, buying picture sets etc.

Three hours ago @Flirt4free gave out 15% off discount code in … Read more

Kiiro - a 2-way interactive sex toy that both parties can feel one another remotely

New Toy Kiiroo @Flirt4free

“You can feel her muscle pulses”

It’s a new phase of the webcam porn industry.  More and more cam chat sites are introducing remote-controllable toys to the viewers.  SakuraLive has loads of cute submissive Japanese girls let you control the toys in their pussys and/or ass.  Over 90 OhMibod Chaturbate girls all moan to the vibration of the dildo … Read more

How to join or cancel Flirtforfree VIP membership

Is it worth taking the F4F VIP membership

Q:Is it worth taking the VIP membership?
A: Only if you’re a voyeur or you want to send/receive pic to/from your model.

Sometimes people ask me – Is it worthwhile to take the Flirt4free VIP membership?  For most people, it’s probably not worth it.  Unless you really want to interact with the model more, say, send her your pic, … Read more

Old friend – iFriends

Goodbye old friend. Sad to see ifriends go.  In Oct 2018, ifriends announced on their website that after 20 years they decided to close down.  Everything shall shutdown gracefully, models and affiliates being paid.

ifriends is certainly the pioneer in porn cam chat.

A question for you.

Have you heard of iFriends?

If you have, for how long? One year? … Read more

List of models and camboys

Is Fan Club Membership on really free?

Just received a promotional email from (powered by Streamray) about how to get a free fan club membership for your favorite model.

All they want is: you take your girl (or guy) to a private chat for 30 minutes, then you will get his/her fan club membership with no charge.  Not exactly free but if you’re having a private … Read more

Sending messages with Plasma Messenger

Can I message or tweet to my favorite cam model?

I know.  Besides that hot sexy body, we are all looking for having a good company and sharing a good time.  And there are times we wish we want to know a bit more about him/her but most webcam chat sites don’t encourage models and viewers contact outside the site.  What can we do?

Most cam sites prohibit viewers and … Read more

unknown credit card charges

Panic! Who is this on my bill?

Who on earth is this on my credit card bill???

If you like to constantly try new cam sites and sign up for most of them, it can be difficult to keep track of which one is which.  Not to mention the fact that if they don’t want to appear on your bill as “” or “hotbabesflirt” then they’d better … Read more

Model Pampering with Bongacams and Flirt4free

Keen competition for CamModels?

There is no shortage of webcam chat sites.

There is no shortage of new cam models but there are shortage of charming and engaging models.

In the last 2 days, I saw two second-tier cam chat sites are launching summer bonuses/competition to attract models’ attentions.  One promises perfume/cosmetics while the other one promises a 5-star hotel … Read more

Special Features of F4F

What Special Features have F4F got?

For viewers

1.  Your username – You can have multiple screen names in Flirt4free.  I think this is unique among all cam chat sites.  VIP members can reserve up to 10 usernames.  You can change your default username under “My Account”.  You may also change it when you are in the chatroom.  There is … Read more

Price and costs of credits on Flirt4free

How much is one Flirt4free Credit

How much does 1 Flirt4Free credit cost?

Ans: A viewer typically pays around USD1 for 9 credits so the price for 1 credit is USD0.11. But as always, you can get a discount if you buy in bulk.  According to the pricing chart on their site, it is:

  • 90 credits for $10 (ie. 9 credits for $1 or $0.11 each
Read more

Tips for Viewers of Flirt4free

As I have tried both as a model and as a viewer in Flirt, I can see pros and cons of certain features there that is good for models or viewers.

Here is what I’ve found for viewers (which is probably not so good for models)

Top tips for cam watchers

  1. Tips – Lols.  ok ok.. We all know everyone
Read more

How to sign up to Flirt4free and get the best deals

Flirt4free – Is flirting really free?

The answer is: yes.

This webcam chat site, like many others, would like you to register and give them more details about you.  But the registration is free.  In fact, they even give you free credits if you register properly.

How to sign up

Signing up with as a viewer is pretty easy.

  1. F4F member registrationChoose
Read more
ways to get tokens for free

Free Tokens for Webcam Chat

If you think you are coming to a site to teach you how to hack and how to get illegitimate free tokens then you have come to the wrong place.

There ARE legal and proper ways to get free tokens to chat with the hot girls or guys.

How to get legal free tokens?

1. Sign up with new webcam

Read more

How can I email/contact a model or viewer?

When we broadcast or watch a cam, anything can happen:

  • the viewer’s wife came home just after he tipped 500 tokens to make the model naked but he has to run so he missed the show
  • the model just got a 2,000 token tips and she was so excited that she spilled her Coke all over the laptop and couldn’t
Read more

BBC The truth About Webcam Girls – Part I

I saw this article in the UK news site about the BBC documentary “The truth about Webcam Girls“.  Out of curiosity I wonder what did BBC try to put in the general public’s eyes about cam girls.  It all depends on the research team’s personal punter experience?  Lols.

As it is produced by the BBC, it’s UK oriented, … Read more

F4F Model Tips: Types of Customers

As a cam model, knowing your customers is very important.  Here, I don’t mean knowing their personal details or interests.  We haven’t gone that far yet.  If you are broadcasting and looking for fun, then it doesn’t matter and doesn’t apply and you can stop reading this post now.  If, however, you are looking to earn some pocket money or … Read more

Broadcast Yourself at Flirt4free

Are you an exhibitionist?  And enjoy showing your body to people?

There are many places you can broadcast yourself to the world.  Some will even pay you to do that!  Isn’t that great!  Flirt4free is one of them.

All you need, is to either broadcast through your internet browser. Or download Flirt4free’s “Performer Application”, which gives you much more options … Read more