Chaturbate’s new age verification system

how to do age verification in the new Chaterbate system

In October 2022, Chaturbate is sending out emails to many models about their new age verification system. If you broadcast on CB, you may probably have seen the screenshot above with the message:

“As we are upgrading our age verification process, in order to maintain age verification you must submit ID for all broadcasters on your account to the new Identity Verification system within 9 days. (dismiss)”

How to go to the new CB age verification system?

I got a stressed model’s message on my post asking for help to get unbanned. And she was talking about someone who has clicked the “Dismiss” button and etc. I have never been banned by CB so I would not know if there is any Dismiss button on the warning page.

What I do know is that I heard many models on CB have received an email or notification about re-verifying their age in the new system before the deadline or he/she will get suspended. In fact, when this model’s message arrived I had just finished submitting mine on the new system.

What to do? I’ve clicked (Dismiss) by mistake!

If you are too used to clicking the Dismiss button on all the dropdown notifications, including this important verification one. You have 2 ways to find your way back.

  1. Check the email of the email account that you use to register with CB. There is probably one sitting there waiting for you to read and
    click. The email subject is “Chaturbate Age Verification Warning”.
  2. Go to in a web browser. Log in to CB if you haven’t done so. This page will have the full instructions and link you will need for the new age verification system.

What is the new age verification about?

As the law gets stricter and stricter for the adult industry, I presume it has come to a point that the old system is inadequate to fulfill the new requirements.

The new system is implemented by a third-party company and no more upload-any-photo will do. Live webcam and camera are used to capture your face for verification so it’s hard for someone to use stolen pictures to create new accounts.

In their email, they said:

As we are upgrading our age verification process, in order to maintain age verification you must submit ID for all broadcasters on your account to the new Identity Verification system within 10 days. Please ensure every person that actively broadcasts on your account submits their age verification to the Identity Verification system page.


We know Chaturbate’s support is very busy. We should all complete the verification promptly so that the ball is on their side.

As always, find another camsite to broadcast as backup in case CB is messed up in this round. Check out my post about alternative cam sites to broadcast for some ideas.

6 thoughts on “Chaturbate’s new age verification system”

  1. I was ban after I submit my new identification id ( enchatressdixie ) it was so stressful for me as model I already email them and still no reply it’s been one month now, hope someone can help me!

  2. Hi how can I unbanned my account on chaturebate because chaturebate say suspended and permanent banned my account I admit the reason my mistake to say 14 age young because I have customer asking me about that sex. I forgot that roles 😞 but I explained on chaturebate but no response me if my account is back or not

  3. I understand a customer may have asked for an under age roleplay, but we as a model must know the rules and terms and conditions. And under age, incest and many other topics are not tolerated by the cam sites. I am afraid you won’t get away with this one with Chaturbate.

    There are many other cam sites you can broadcast with. Stripchat is very similar to CB and many models have broadcast at both CB and Stripchat as the same time. Maybe you should sign up with Stripchat, Cam4, Camsoda, or even SkyPrivate if you want to try Skype shows. Look around my site and there are tens of cam sites you can register and broadcast with. Just bear in mind not to break their TOS again.

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