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When we chat, sometimes we prefer to chat with someone that speaks the same language or even the same accent.  Other times we found a totally different language or accent sexier.

Below is a list of non-English live cam chat sites. They include cute Japanese girls, hot and open European girls, to country or language-specific like Spanish cams, Turkish cam or Hungary cam.
European cams: XLovecam, Eurolive, XCams

Spanish Cam:

Japanese Cam: Sakuralive/DxLive, Fc2 Live Adult

German Cam: Amarotic

Turkish Cam: Canlialem
Do scroll down to see if you find the one you want.

list of models on

What is is home to many hot Spanish guys and girls who love to chat and flirt on cam. If Spanish is your native language then is perfect for you. If you are like me, don’t speak Spanish, the site supports English and French so it’s still ok.

Most cam girls and boys on speak Spanish but there are … Read more

cam gratuite Eurolive

European cam girls on Eurolive

Cherchez-vous des sex cam gratuite? (looking for free sex cam in French)  Stai cercando webcam ragazze e coppie in webcam? (looking for live cam girls or couple cam in Italian)  Eurolive has all the French, Italian, Spanish, and English webcam femme or troie in webcam (sluts in Italian) you want.

After watching Mesvip porn, one may want to find some … Read more

Using Chrome to translate Turkish site


Canlialem is a Turkish live cam site all in Turkish.  Canlialem is Turkish for live world or live kingdom (canli is live, and alem is world or kingdom).  Görüntülü sohbet (video chat) and kameral sohbet (camera chat) are available here. If you don’t speak Turkish and you are using a browser with translation, say, Chrome, then you can still navigate … Read more

Live chat on Amarotic

Amarotic Live Chat and more

My first impression of Amarotic is a German-based dating/videos site back in 2004.  We don’t know when did they introduce live chat, but here it is. Amarotic has dedicated a section for webcam chat on top of their regular videos, panty selling, and dating services.

Therefore, when you first arrived at, you will be welcome by pages of … Read more

FC2live streaming

FC2 Live Adult

My Quick Check of FC2 Live Adult

FC2 Live is a Japanese based broadcasting platform for people to host a program or one-to-one chatting originally. Needless to say, even it was intended for general purpose, a separate “Adult” section was quickly introduced. Click the button below and go straight to the FC2 adult section.

FC2ライブ (FC2 Live) or FC2 アダルト … Read more


What is XCams

XCams is an European webcam chat network.  Models are mostly from European countries so you may find models that speak German, Italian, French or Dutch easily.  And English too.

Xcams European cam

Other names of XCams

Just like many other webcam sites, xcams has different names for the same models.  It means if you are already member of xcams or … Read more

List of cam girls on xlovecam

Xlovecam chat

I arrived at and at first glance, I thought it is Livejasmin.  It’s the same kind of red as Livejasmin I even thought they may become whitelabel of it.  Not that it’s uncommon. Many small cam sites failed after a while and they direct their cam traffic to some bigger cam sites instead.

Anyway, xlovecam is not a white-label. … Read more

Dxlive aka SakuraLive

ok… I like men, and I like girls too.  I like cute girls most.  Where to find cute girls? Japanese girls are always my favorite, especially before k-pop idols.  🙂

Where to find Japanese cam girls?

Dxlive who's onlineAnswer is: Dxlive.  Or Sakuralive when they think sakura reminds people of Japan.  Yes, Dxlive is a Japanese based company.  99% of the models … Read more