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Flirt4free is fit for Hercules, The Man from UNCLE, and Fabrizio Mioni

Fabrizio Mioni (1930-2020), the Italian actor who appeared in the films “Hercules (1958), The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1964), and many more, was found to be a big customer of Flirt4free during his last few years of life.

This piece of gossip came to light when Flirt4free sued Fabrizio’s brother Mauro and his estate for breach of contract in Aug 2021. … Read more

Paxum payment services

Firstchoice Pay, ePayments, who next?

While ePayments’ suspension is not resolved and many people still cannot access their money, there are more adult sites stop using Paxum as a payment method. Is this the beginning of an end?

Back in Dec 2019, already announced that they would not use Paxum to transfer payout to their partners.

On 26 Jun, the Financial Conduct Authority has … Read more

Bongacams 404

404 with Bongacams

Oh dear!  I go to Bongacams and it’s 404!!

Lol.  Just show I’ve been updating with my cam blog recently and seeing too many cam sites that were once running and are now dead, dead and dead.

What is 404?

404 is a standard response of HTTP when one can communicate with the server but it can’t find what … Read more

Merry Christmas from Flirt4free to Hony

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Flirt4free

Guess what I’ve just received in my post box? It’s Flirt4free’s Christmas card!

We know there’s much delay in postal delivery during Christmas. It’s better late than never arrived.

So “Thank you so much! Flirt4free crew! Happy New Year to you!”

I feel guilty that I’ve received Christmas cards from you guys and gals all these years but I’ve never … Read more

Find the Duplicate Models Game

Spot the Duplicate Models in Asianbabecams

Your challenge today:

1. Spot the duplicate models in this picture

2. Find at least two models who are working in the same studio

You have 30 seconds……. Starting NOW!!!!

 Asianbabecam spot identical models

Have you found them yet?  There are two cam girls who run separate chat rooms under different model names.  The first one uses a … Read more

Pay to pee?

I have something like 6 people who asked me to pee in front of the cam within one hour this morning. Maybe I look like someone who’s been holding back? Lol

My Questions about pee/piss

  1. How often has someone asked you to pee? Except when you see your mum.
  2. How often you even have someone offer money, and pay you
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If I were

Yesterday, the famous rapper and my favorite coach of The Voice UK was kicked out from the first class lounge of United Airlines.  The “reason” was that upon showing his membership card as proof, the staff said that his membership card was fake.

He took to Twitter and posted various tweets about the incident and that’s how I first … Read more

Sexy Garden Webcam on LiveJasmin

[Updated: many cam sites have banned broadcasting outdoor or in public]

In 2014, broadcasting outdoors was a thing. There were quite some cam girls in Livejasmin broadcast outdoors. Many cam sites have soon find out the problems with it and have banned it.  There are only a few sites that still allow broadcasting in public. Stripchat is one of them. … Read more

Kylie Minogue’s Sexercise

I came across the word “sexercise” when I was searching for Kylie’s “Spinning Around” on Youtube.  It’s Kylie Minogue’s new song.  With an interesting song name like this I couldn’t wait and watch it right away.

The music video was kinda seductive though the song itself is rather monotonous.  I spent most of my attention on Kylie’s ass and legs … Read more

What is Sexercise?

As a second language speaker, when I first see the word sexercise, I thought it’s a made up word for fun.  Saying sex is a kind of exercise which, just like ordinary exercise, it strengthens your heart, it helps to tone your muscle and stuff like that.  But when I look it up, this word is not new and sex-ercise … Read more

Hony’s Chatroom FAQs

When I broadcast in front of the cam, lots of people come and ask me all kinds of questions.  They are quite repetitive because they are the common opening questions.  Be it my nationality, body feature or fetishes.  So, here is a centralised frequently asked questions and answers about me so that you don’t have to check them out at … Read more

Weird Things that the Viewers say

Have you ever said these to a cam model?

  • touch your nose please? it turns me on.
  • open chest bb
  • open heels bb
  • can I see your watch?
  • You haven’t removed the label of your shoes (high heels)
  • If I were there I will tidy up your room!
  • I band(strip) I give a fuck fact I to enjoy watch keep
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Fun and Meaning of Webcam Chat ID

What is a Webcam Chat ID?

When we do webcam chatting in any web site, we need to create a user ID, nickname or whatever you call it to identify ourselves.  It is also a name for the other people to identify you.

Significance of your Chat ID

We probably never think about the significance of the ID when we … Read more

I heart ExperienceProject

I’ve just joined  It’s fun!

You can either: 1) post your question there and wait for other people to answer or 2) post your personal experience or thoughts there and up to other people to comment, to like or say “me too”.  How many time you think your thoughts are unique, pervertic and you go there and find that … Read more

Top up your tokens with Bitcoin

Nerd enough to pay Chaturbate with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is around for quite some years now.  (It is introduced in 2009)  At first, people are skeptical about it and worried that it will be used in illegal activities but now it’s getting more attention and acceptance.  What is Bitcoin?  Read more about it here.

For example, you can now buy webcam chat tokens with Bitcoin.  ChaturbateRead more

ChatRoulette, Robbie Williams and Losers

I was rather fed up today coz Chaturbate was not working very smoothly.  Somehow, today, no matter how many times I started the app for tracking tips or showing goals, any app died in 10 seconds.  I’ve closed my browser. I’ve cleared the cache.  I’ve even rebooted my machine.  I’ve logged out from Chaturbate and log in again.  But nothing … Read more

Collections of Fun Chat in My Chatroom

Here is a little collection of fun chatting in my Chaturbate chatroom.  They are not necessarily sex specific but it doesn’t mean they are not enjoyable.

prankman: you have to tip 5 tokens monkey for each stupid question you want answered
bayou300: if that was a rule, the girls would be rich prankman

prankman: if you guys tipped … Read more

An in-joke for Programmers

Here is my “Hello” message to a new follower in twitter who is a programmer and his reply:

@honytsoi: printf(“Hello”,$recipient)

@programmer: WOW.. hello to you too… almost overloaded my buffers there…

@programmer: “SELECT * FROM `testicles`…”, “var_dump($result)…”, “O_O”

@honytsoi: Showing rows 0 – 500,000,000 (500 million total, Query took 0.9 sec)