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Any other things not related to adult webcam or cam girls. on mainstream news again

Adult webcam site got their name on news again

There we go again…  After Flo Rida’s music video about Live Jasmin, now we have this rising adult cam giant offering loads of money to Miss Kendall Jenner for doing cam shows on for 3 months.  And they are talking about millions of dollars.  Some said it would be something like $5 million in 3 months.

What is Sexercise?

As a second language speaker, when I first see the word sexercise, I thought it’s a made up word for fun.  Saying sex is a kind of exercise which, just like ordinary exercise, it strengthens your heart, it helps to tone your muscle and stuff like that.  But when I look it up, this word is not new and sex-ercise does seem to help improving your health.  Here is what I found after a little bit of research on the net.

Hony’s Chatroom FAQs

When I broadcast in front of the cam, lots of people come and ask me all kinds of questions.  They are quite repetitive because they are the common opening questions.  Be it my nationality, body feature or fetishes.  So, here is a centralised frequently asked questions and answers about me so that you don’t have to check them out at Chaturbate, or Flirt4free.

I heart ExperienceProject

I’ve just joined  It’s fun!

You can either: 1) post your question there and wait for other people to answer or 2) post your personal experience or thoughts there and up to other people to comment, to like or say “me too”.  How many time you think your thoughts are unique, pervertic and you go there and find that you are not on your own.

ChatRoulette, Robbie Williams and Losers

I was rather fed up today coz Chaturbate was not working very smoothly.  Somehow, today, no matter how many times I started the app for tracking tips or showing goals, any app died in 10 seconds.  I’ve closed my browser. I’ve cleared the cache.  I’ve even rebooted my machine.  I’ve logged out from Chaturbate and log in again.  But nothing works.  So I thought I would go to ChatRoulette and do something different.

An in-joke for Programmers

Here is my “Hello” message to a new follower in twitter who is a programmer and his reply:

@honytsoi: printf(“Hello”,$recipient)

@programmer: WOW.. hello to you too… almost overloaded my buffers there…

@programmer: “SELECT * FROM `testicles`…”, “var_dump($result)…”, “O_O”

@honytsoi: Showing rows 0 – 500,000,000 (500 million total, Query took 0.9 sec)