What is Sexercise?

As a second language speaker, when I first see the word sexercise, I thought it’s a made up word for fun.  Saying sex is a kind of exercise which, just like ordinary exercise, it strengthens your heart, it helps to tone your muscle and stuff like that.  But when I look it up, this word is not new and sex-ercise does seem to help improving your health.  Here is what I found after a little bit of research on the net.

According to Wikipedia, sexercise is a particular life style which you:

  • carry out exercise during foreplay or actual sexual intercourse, or masturbation if you are doing it on your own.
  • do regular exercise so as to be physically fit, stronger muscle and thus well prepared for a longer, enjoyable session of sexual intercourse.

And if you don’t believe in the benefits of sexercise, see what BBC News quote from the “National Health Service” (NHS Direct) website.  Unfortunately, the NHS Direct web site was closed so I can’t find the original article.  But I presume the BBC News doesn’t lie,

Benefits of Sexercise

1. Good overall exercise – sex uses all muscle groups.  It makes your lung and heart work hard.

2. Weight watcher – it helps to burn about 300 calories an hour

3. Increase production of endorphins has various good effects:

  • it helps to make your skin smooth. Much cheaper than cosmetic cream that you can never tell the difference.
  • it makes your hair shiny.
  • it may even help to boost your immune system to fight against illness
  • improve mental well beings (I agree somewhat on this based on personal experience.  I was quite depressed a few times and I found that after masturbation and the ultimate orgasm, the depression feelings go away slowly)

4. Orgasm may prevent wrinkles from deepening.

5. It’s more fun.

6. Orgasm is a better motivation than the psychological benefits of thinking we are doing the right thing for health and a more correct life style.


Wanna join me in my chatroom to do some masturbation/sex-ercise?  😉

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