Prohibited Conducts in Chaturbate

Every time we sign up with something, no matter they are mobile phone service, internet connection, electricity supply to membership to tube sites or webcam chat sites, they always make you accept pages of fine prints of terms and regulations that no one ever bothers to read.  Simply because they are so wordy and long-winded.

Problems with rules and regulations that no one read are:

  • models do illegal or prohibited behaviour in front of cam without knowing they are wrong
  • viewers ask for things that are against the rules without knowing that they are wrong
  • when viewers heard about certain acts are prohibited, they presume it’s ok in private show because some models will do prohibited conducts in private to either (a) keep viewer happy or (b) just like the viewer, believe that those acts can’t be performed in public room but is ok in private show if the viewer doesn’t object and even request it.


Let’s see the following different situations:

  1. if the model follows Chaturbate’s rules and refuses to perform prohibited conduct and the viewer understands, then it’s alright.
  2. if the model follows cb’s rules and refuses to perform prohibited conduct like peeing and the viewer has seen it done in other models’ room, then he may leave this model and go to someone else who is willing to ignore the rules and perform.
  3. if the model follows cb’s rules and refuses to perform prohibited conduct and the viewer believes that it’s not ok in public but allowed in private, then the model is again in trouble.

Here are the rules to broadcast in Chaturbate.  Everyone please read carefully and stop making life difficult for everyone.  

Having said that, if you want to see cam models broadcast outdoor in public, Cam4, Bongacams, and Stripchat are ok with that as long as no unauthorized persons appear. Though you don’t see many public outdoor cams on Cam4 or Bongacams.

Outdoor/public cam in Stripchat

If you like to watch girls pee, Stripchat allows pee cam or pee shows. You can even use their search to find cam girls who have pee in their tip menu or topics. You just have to look around, then you don’t have to ask the model to pretend to squirt to pee for you, and risk losing everybody’s accounts.

Pee cam in Stripchat

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