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As a cam model, one may not notice that Chaturbate has implemented a new feature on site – Tip 50 tokens a day to vote for the model.

When I broadcast this morning, there was a new notice at the regular place stating “We’re trying out a new feature to collect tipper feedback.  After tipping a performer beyond 50 tokens the new button will activate.” At first, it wasn’t clear that whether they mean one has to tip a particular model for 50 tokens or more then he can vote for that model.  But when I finished my broadcast and visited other girl’s room, I saw the button marked “Satisfied”

Chaturbate satisfied-button

It was grey out because I haven’t tipped.  If I put my mouse over the button, it says

Chaturbate tip-to-vote

That clarify it somewhat.  Basically it says if the viewers have tipped 50 tokens in a day, he/she can vote for any model.

This way, Chaterbate is collecting feedback of real customers who really appreciate the models and tipped. These are the serious customers and not just guys who mess about.

How are they going to use the feedback of each model?

Webcam sites are getting competitive and sites like imLive has Hall of Fame that sort of ranking for years.  The top girls are happy because they are put at the top of the list and get more traffic more attention while the newer girls will have a harder time to move up and compete.

Ways of using the feedback I can think of includes:

  • cam girls hall of fame
  • Featured girl/boy/couple/TS/group shows of the week/month
  • models’ payout percentage depends on the votes of the month
  • warnings/penalty for models who get lots of bad feedback

What are the possible problems?

  • Bias of data – veteran of Chaturbate who has tens or even hundred of thousands of followers can easily get more good votes than the newbies
  • Cheating – it doesn’t cost to cheat. Model A can tip model B 50 tokens and gives her a good vote in exchange of the same actions from model B.
  • Destructive viewers – there are no shortage of idiots who enjoy ruining other people’s lives.  I have dark blue viewers (they are the one who has tipped at least 50 tokens in last 24 hours) came into my room the other day who made only racist comments and annoyed many other viewers.  People like this can spend 50 tokens a day and happily go about and give bad votes to as many models as possible if there is no limit of how many votes one can make a day.

What are your thoughts?  As a model in Chaturbate, does it concern you?  Your thoughts and ideas are very welcome here.


3 thoughts on “Tip to vote in Chatubate”

  1. I saw this as well. I noticed that you can only vote on the particular model whom you have tipped 50tokens once per day. You are able to change your vote at anytime during that 24 hour period. In my opinion this does stop some of the trolling that could happen. However I think that a lot of models and the customers on chaturbate feel more relaxed because it’s not that competitive of a site. For instance MFC is a bit intimidating for a newer model and for some customers as well. Chaturbate has the Contest of top hourly cams but the 1st and 2nd place winners get a measly $10 or $5. That makes that contest irrelevant to me personally my hour of time relaxing and doing a show at my pace is much more valuable than $10.

  2. Well.. a guy asked for pee in private. I said it’s against cb’s rule and he was pissed off and shouted at me. He’s a dark blue viewer which means he feels VERY entitled to give me a thumb down now. How unfair!

  3. I always hated competition, although I understand that for website owners, competition and “rankings” make them more “desirable” than another website without any kind of feedback.
    I am concerned as you are for the timewasters and annoying guys who just likes to put mood down during our shows.
    Now they even have a “weapon” to use against us (the thumb down).
    I would suggest Chaturbate to restrict vote to who tip more than 50 tokens to the specific model they want to vote! That sure would reduce the risk of trolls…
    Just my thought 🙂


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