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In April this year, Chaturbate introduced – “Tip to vote your model” for viewers.  (For details, see my post here)  We don’t know how are they going to use it.  How many viewers bother to vote?  Then, suddenly, when I logged in and broadcast today, I saw this on both my broadcast screen and my profile page.


The number on the right, 14, I presume is the total no. of votes.  And I’ve got 100% thumbs up and zero thumbs down.  Thank goodness!

ok.  I haven’t broadcast regularly in the last 2 weeks.  Also, unlike when voting was first introduced, I nagged my blues (what is blues?) to vote for me.  But after a while, I forgot about it as it was not right in front of my face.  And no one seems to be taking it seriously.  Now, suddenly, it appears again and even shows me my score!

Stage 2 of the Voting System on Chaturbate – leaving a message

In 2018, CB announced that besides letting the viewers vote for the models, the viewer can also leave a message to express his opinion about the model.  Needless to say, it can go two ways.  One is lots of praise and admiring words from the happy viewers, and the other one is the pissed-off customers who are not happy with the model.

In the first case, the guy is happy and the model gets a thumbs up and a positive note. Great!  But in the second case, it is not so straightforward.  It can be either side’s fault.

The model may have behaved badly, typically:

  • the model does not perform after receiving the tips or in the private show.
  • the model disconnects after receiving a tip for action
  • the model is rude

What if the viewer has asked for a show that is against CB’s terms and conditions? I have some experience with that.  A guy has been tipping me and then he PM (private message) me and asks me to pee and he will continue to tip.  He asked me to lie that I am squirting.  I refused and so he left.  From his point of view, he probably has successfully made other models do the same thing and they submit.  So when I refuse then I am not giving good service.  “Against the rules? Everybody does that anyway.”

Another personal experience is that someone has just tipped but my laptop is also hung at the moment.  I can see who has tipped but there is no way I can flash my tits or do the show until I reboot my laptop and sign in again.  By then he is long gone.  From the guy’s point of view, I definitely deserved that thumbs-down vote.  At that time, it was before CB introduces Direct Messaging so I don’t even have a chance to message him to invite him back or promise to do what he has tipped for when he turns up at my chatroom next time. I don’t mean to take his tip and run.  I am willing to continue the show if he has stayed.  I am willing to perform when he comes to my chatroom next time. But misunderstanding can happen and the model gets a bad vote.

Another typical issue for the model is that the viewer tipped 10 or 25 tokens or any amount the viewer feels is reasonable and expected her to strip from clothed to nude, or spread her pussy close up and totally ignore the model’s tip menu and tipped with the expectation that she will do what she is told.  That is not how the game works.

My Thoughts about the Voting System

If you don’t have problems with trolls, you will probably welcome the voting system, even the thumbs-down part. Especially if the viewer will leave reasonable explanations to explain the negative feedback. But if you do have trolls around and you are very likely to be attacked with demeaning messages and that is not good.

In my opinion, it might be better if this feature was optional for models to use. Not everyone is comfortable receiving feedback, and there’s a risk that models who are vulnerable to negative comments could be seriously affected by them. Unfortunately, trolls are likely to take advantage of this feature and leave cruel and hurtful comments. While some viewers might leave helpful feedback occasionally, trolls tend to leave negative comments repeatedly, which can be very damaging to a model’s well-being. Chaturbate may solve this by:

  • include the viewer’s user ID with the votes and messages, or
  • leave it as an option for the model so that the model can choose to let the viewers vote for her or not.

With the viewer’s user ID and the Direct Messaging function, models now can contact the viewer to resolve the situation if there is a misunderstanding.

My fellow models on CB,

  • Can everyone show their scores here so we can all calibrate ourselves?  You don’t have to show your ID if you don’t want to.  😉
  • Have you been nagging your guys to vote?
  • How many votes have you got?
  • How many votes are considered too little and got penalized?
  • Do you get thumbs down?
  • How many thumbs down are unfairly given by misunderstood viewers or simply trolls?
  • Does it concern you if you get a thumbs down?
  • What if CB starts to use it to rank our position on the Who’s Online page?

Any thoughts are welcome.

2 thoughts on “Vote for Models in Chaturbate”

  1. As a moderator I do it after a few guys tipped the minimum amount.. But I only do it once or twice during one broadcast. I think it is enough to remember the tippers about this and unless there is no ranking or other things for all to see.. well, it is almost useless.

  2. We are yet to see how CB uses this data. Just hope that it is not the start of something like the “cam score” in Myfreecams which all models hate, especially no one exactly knows how the score is calculated.

    Sigh… I supposed we should still try to get some votes in case CB really uses it one day.

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