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In April this year, Chaturbate has introduced – “tip to vote your model” for viewers.  (For details, see my post here)  We don’t know how are they going to use it.  How many viewers bother to vote.  Then, suddenly, when I logged in and broadcast today, I saw this on both my broadcast screen and my profile page.


The no. on the right, 14, I presume is the total no. of vote.  And I’ve got 100% thumbs up and zero thumb down.  Thank goodness!

ok.  I haven’t broadcast regularly in the last 2 weeks.  Also, unlike when the voting was first introduced, I nagged my blues (what is blues?) to vote for me.  But after a while, I forgot about it as it’s not right in front of my face.  And no one seems to be taking it seriously.  Now, suddenly, it appears again and even shows me my score!

My fellow models on CB,

  • Can everyone show their scores here so we can all calibrate ourselves?  You don’t have to show your ID if you don’t want to.  😉
  • Have you been bugging your guys to vote?
  • How many votes have you got?
  • How many votes is considered too little and got penalised?
  • Do you get thumbs down?
  • How many thumbs down are unfailrly given by misunderstood viewers or simply stupid dickheads?
  • Does it concern you if you get thumb down?
  • What if CB starts to use it to rank our position on the who’s online page?

Any thoughts are welcome.

2 thoughts on “Vote for Models in Chaturbate”

  1. As a moderator I do it after a few guys tipped the minimum amount.. But I only do it once or twice during one broadcast. I think it is enough to remember the tippers about this and unless there is no ranking or other things for all to see.. well, it is almost useless.

  2. We are yet to see how CB uses this data. Just hope that it is not the start of something like the “cam score” in Myfreecams which all models hate, especially no one exactly knows how the score is calculated.

    Sigh… I supposed we should still try to get some votes in case CB really uses it one day.

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