Bongacams shoots themselves in the foot

If you have been following me on Twitter (@honytsoi) you may find that I started to broadcast at Bongacams regularly in the last two weeks. As I said in my other posts, it looks like they are trying to expand and so I thought I will give it a serious try.  Instead of broadcasting in Flirt4free or Chaturbate in the morning, I went to Bonga instead.  And guess what I found?

  1. No. of viewers – I’ve got about 150 people in my room and I am on the first row of who’s online, #3 in Bongacams.  I saw #1 has about 900 people and #2 has over 200.  If you have 150 people in Chaturbate, however, you will be on the second page and rank about 120 only.  While the top rooms in Chaturbate get you thousands of viewers.
  2. No. of tokens – As models can see the membership status and how many tokens each member has, I can see lots of Gold members with no tokens and some Gold members with a few tokens.  Then, it’s someone with 60 or 70, then suddenly over 200 or even 1,900.  But you get the big guys only when you are listed near the top of the page.  It’s more often you get the zero token or <10.
  3. Size of tips – ok, it costs $0.14/token in Bongacams and only $0.1 in Chaturbate.  It’s slightly more expensive but not a lot.  But tipping of 10, 20, or 50 is quite common as a casual appreciation from the viewers in Chaturbate while 1, 2, or 5 is common in Bongacam.
  4. Spy cam (Set private chat) – Bongacam makes life easy for models to do split cam.  She can “set private chat” if she has a private chat on another cam site so that she will appear “in private” and yet, still allow Bongacams’ viewers to spy.  This is where Bongacams shoot themselves in the foot.  Some viewers know about this and have requested me to “turn on spy” so that he only pay 7 token/min instead of 30 for a private or 45 for a full private)  In order words, he is trying to ask me to do a private the cheap way by pretending to be in private and letting him spy and pay the low cost.  Considering he is 24 years old Gold member and has over 280 tokens in hand, I have no sympathy for doing a cheap charity fake private show for him.  If you were the model who was asked to do this, are you going to be pleased and impressed and agreed enthusiastically?
  5. Earnings – I don’t know how much the top models earn there.  All I know is, today, I earned 90 tokens in one hour and I ranked #21 in that hour site-wise.
  6. Types of membership – Apparently, there are many different types of membership: non-registered, free, gold, premium, and unlimited.  I have yet to find out how to be premium or even unlimited.  I will let you know once I find out, ok?  I am curious.  hehe.

That’s all for now.  If you have any insider news please let me know and I will update my post.  Thanks.  muah.

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