Ignoring Viewers on Bongacams

As I said that many people have asked for pee this morning in Bongacasm, (see post here)  I thought it’s simpler to silence them.

In Bongacams, you may:

  • kick viewer
  • ban viewer
  • mute viewer, and
  • ignore viewer

I thought, they just asked for it and they are not that rude.  I just don’t want to see their requests so any way to not hear from them is good enough for me.  That leaves the option mute and ignore.  But, …. what’s the difference?

This is the difference.

Difference between muting and ignoring a viewer

With muting,

The viewer can continue to type and chat although no one in this chatroom will see what he said.  Nobody.


with ignoring,

bongacam-ignore-viewer2The viewer again, can continue to type and chat but ONLY the model cannot see his words and emoticons.  People in the room can still see his messages.

This may create an odd situation that, the ignored-viewer continue to type more and more offensive message but the other viewers in the room see that the model is not taken any action or not answering this person, while the model doesn’t know what’s going on.  The model may look bad.  The room may start to sound offensive and everybody thinks that the model doesn’t care and is indifferent.

One more thing, the model can always “remove ignore” or “un-mute” a viewer easily.


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