Pay to pee?

I have something like 6 people who asked me to pee in front of the cam within one hour this morning. Maybe I look like someone who’s been holding back? Lol

My Questions about pee/piss

  1. How often has someone asked you to pee? Except when you see your mum.
  2. How often you even have someone offer money, and pay you to piss?
  3. How often do I tell them it’s against the rules on the cam sites? ¬†And they told me camgirl-xxx has done it.
  4. Or the viewers believed that it’s not ok in public but it’s ok in private chat.
  5. How often you tell the viewers it’s against Chaterbate/Bongacams/xlovecam or most cam sites‘ rules and within a few minutes, another person asks? (Updated on 2021.03.14: Stripchat pee shows may be the only cam site that you can find models pee for you, not counting Skype shows)

Bonga cam pee?

Find pee shows at Stripchat

Ladies, what other weird things have someone offered to pay you to do?

I have:

  • comb my hair
  • lick my watch
  • show my armpits
  • play with my navel
  • show the back of my neck
  • show my tongue and open mouth wide to show teeth
  • brush my teeth with my finger, then sniff the finger and tell him that I have bad breath

Isn’t it mind-opening to be a cam girl?  Lols…  You still get to learn something new every day.

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