What is Oculolinctus

What is Oculolinctus?

Oculolinctus aka worming or eyeball licking fetish, refers to the act of licking someone’s eyeball for sexual satisfaction.

According to wikipedia, it is said to be popular in Japan among teenagers in recent years, when kissing has become monotonous and want something different.  Together with the fact that a Japanese band has featured this act in their music video.

I don’t know if the pleasure only exists for the licker or whether the receiver or even viewers get the fun.

It is certainly one unusual request you can make to the couples in couple cam.  How much tips the models will ask for, I know not.

I only know that it’s kind of risky for the eyeball licking receiver coz human tongues are full of bacteria.  It can caused eye infection.  Just like the girls who receive their doses of cum in the eyes during gangbang end up with eye infection.

If you want to watch, you have to find a couple cam.  Most cam sites these days have couple cams:

Have fun!