How to get free tokens on Stripchat

How to get free tokens from Stripchat every hour

No one wants to be called a freeloader but there are many reasons that one can’t buy tokens or credits to tip his favorite cam girl. Luckily there are ways to get free tokens legitimately without using any dodgy Stripchat tokens hack. Stripchat is giving away free tokens in multiple ways so grab these chances and stop thinking about how to hack Stripchat. It will just get your account banned and you have to start all over again to create another account. It’s a hell of a lot of trouble and not to mention that you have lost your status in front of your hot cam girl. I know some people even try to get ticket show hacks. Why cheat on your favorite camgirl? Just make her happy, don’t cheat, and just do not hack!

After all, if you are into squirt cam, pee cam, or balloon cam, you know it’s gotta cost more than that 50 tokens that you win. If you are concerned with payment, why not check out how to buy Stripchat tokens with cryptocurrencies? If you buy your crypto when the price is going up, you may end up earning a profit and be able to buy more Stripchat tokens with the same amount of money.

Steps to Win 50 Free Tokens in Stripchat

Stripchat gives away 50 tokens for free to 10 members every hour.
Don’t be overjoyed to see the 500 FREE tokens. They are to be shared among 10 winners. But it is still better than none.

The Giveaway in Stripchat is taken every hour. 10 lucky users will receive 50 tokens for free but there are things you need to do to get them. They are not typical promotional lucky draw that is given to any users. This is what you need to do:

  1. Join a model’s chat room in Stripchat.
  2. Click the “50 Free tokens in Giveaway” button below the chat box in the model’s room.
  3. You need to click Claim within 10 minutes to get the free tokens.

Top tips to make sure that you get the Free Tokens from Stripchat

  1. Have an alarm clock, be it an app on your phone or a physical alarm clock. I’ll explain later.
  2. Sign in to Stripchat.
  3. Visit a model’s chat room. It may as well be the hottest cam girl you can find or your favorite hot chick on Stripchat while you are waiting for the result.
  4. Don’t forget to click the “Participate in Giveaway” button EVERY HOUR.
  5. Once you have clicked the button to participate, set the alarm so that you will remember to check the result and claim your free tokens within the 10-minute limit.
Grab the 50 FREE tokens from Stripchat

Is it only the paid customers who get to join the Token-Giveaway?

Stripchat has never said that the 50 free tokens are for members who have ever purchased. See the screenshots of the winners below to get some ideas.

It is for everyone, everyone who is actively watching the cam models. That is what Stripchat wants. They want you to go into a model’s room and start watching. And you will want to hang around to wait for the announcement of the giveaway results. This way, it means you will end up spending up to an hour in Stripchat waiting for the results. You’ll be bound to find a sexy hot babe you fall in love with and watch her till you cum or you have to go.

Stripchat grey users won 50 free credits for spending on cam.
In this batch of Giveaway winners, they are all grey members with a few of them who have bought tokens before, but not all.
A mixture of users with or without tokens win the giveaway
This batch of winners is a mixture of greys and users with tokens.


As you can see from the screenshots of a couple of giveaways, there are plenty of grey members who have never bought tokens before and they still win. So, chances are there. It just needs you to grab it! 😉

PS. Is it too much work? Don’t want to hang around to wait for a lucky draw? How about trying one of these cam sites? These porn cam sites have free tokens or free credits for new members (See my post for details). All you need is to join the site and you’ll get them right away. No need to wait. Take a look. Maybe your favorite model is broadcasting there too and you can use the free tokens to tip her.

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