How much do you earn from broadcasting on is a Spain-based cam site features mostly Spanish-speaking models but any amateur independent models are welcome to join too. Models get about 50% of the earnings, and the top 20 models of the contests get more prize money each day. Read on for ways to earn in

How to make money on

There are various ways to earn money on

  1. Tips – the normal and basic way to earn is via getting tips from the viewers. Either they like what you see, or they want to make a request. has preset buttons for tip amounts of 100, 200, 500, 1,000, and 2,000, and viewers can always type a different amount. Every 2,000 coins worths $1 to the model.
  2. Private chat – this may not be what the English cam world normally called “private chat”. As I said the site is Spanish by default, the translation AmateurTV provides (not translated by the browser) can be confusing.’s Private Chat is the same idea as private messages in many other cam sites like Stripchat or Chaturbate, except that viewers will get charged 1,500 coins per minute, which is a fixed price set by Models’ chat and audio will be private to the paying viewer but the video will remain public. 1,500 coins worth $0.75 per minute to you and this is also your chance to talk about the details of the exclusive private show that you can offer.
  3. Exclusive private chat – this is what most people think of as standard private shows and spying by other people IS allowed. It’s not that exclusive. Unlike the previous “Private chat”, models can decide the price and minimum time charged.’s default setting is 2,100 coins per minute but you have the options of: 1,500, 3,000, or 6,000 coins per minute. That converts to $0.75, $1.05, $1.5, or $3 per minute for models.
  4. Spy cam – viewers are allowed to spy on your exclusive private chat at a cost of 600 coins per minute by default. You may set it to 300, 600, 900, 1,200, or 1,500 coins per minute. Encourage the guys in your room to spy on you so you get to earn more for the same show. 600 coins convert to $0.3/minute for the model.
  5. Sell videos – you may sell your videos on It can be as cheap as 200 coins (equivalent to $0.1) to 50,000 coins (equivalent to) for a video. I have seen a wide range of prices from a few hundred to a more common of a few thousand to 20,000 for a few minute video.
  6. Extra $5 for >500 online users – You will earn an extra 10,000 coins every time you get 500 users online.
  7. 1,000 coins for 100 new followers – you will get 1,000 coins ($0.5) every time you get 100 new followers.
  8. AmateruTV contests – there are daily contests of 20 prizes to give out to models. It is a point system that is based on 2 ranking contests. One is based on coins that models received and the other one is based on the number of viewers in the room.

    The top earner gets 10 points, #2 gets 9 points and the 10th top earner gets 1 point. will add the points of these contests together per model, and the top 20 models with the highest points get cash prizes. #1 gets $100, the next 5 models get $50, the next 4 models get $20, the next 5 models get $10 and the next 5 models get $5 and these contests are running every day.
  9. C2C – cam-to-cam is not’s selling point but it doesn’t mean you can’t suggest it to your viewers for an extra cost. Unlike Stripchat, which charges an extra per minute during the private show for a C2C, doesn’t seem to encourage cam2cam at all.
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How much do you earn on

This is the earnings of one-month data of the top 10 models on based on the top coins earning contest. These numbers reflect exactly how much they earn on the day when they made to the top ten of the site. Therefore, when he/she didn’t make it to the top 10 then their points gained are not shown and so I won’t be able to find out their earnings on the not-winning days. That means in real life they are very likely to have earned more than this.

Model Total earningsNo. of days wonMin earnings a day ($)Max earnings a day ($)average earnings/day ($)
Model 12,438.701199.50514.75221.70
Model 21,648.95586.40426.55329.79
Model 31,478.901387.00201.40113.76
Model 41,367.958110.60254.25170.99
Model 51,107.752484.50623.25553.88
Model 61,081.80883.30178.25135.23
Model 71,080.15973.10178.60120.02
Model 81,080.15975.10217.05120.02
Model 91,047.80884.70197.00130.98
Model 10970.607101.35194.35138.66
Estimated earnings of top 10 girls on in a month

As you can see, even though these top 10 models have the highest income in one month, the range is big.

Model1 is the highest earner but she worked 11 days and her average earnings is about $221/day, while model 5 worked only 2 days but her average earnings is $553/day.

Maximum earnings a day on is $623 but the last model who made it to the top 10 can only be earning $73 a day, and $73 still high enough for her to be included in the top 10.

Factors affecting the earnings

Tip amount

As I said, the preset tip buttons on is quite low comparing to other sites. The tip buttons of 100, 200, 500, 1,000, and 2,000 coins do not exactly encourage big tips. 2,000 coins worth only $1 to the models and €1.95 to €3.78 (worse case) to the guys. Compare to Chaturbate which has a default tip amount of 25 tokens that worth $1.25 to the model. This means Chaturbate’s suggested default tip amount is higher than’s highest tip button.

100 coins are the common tips you see, and people seem to be a lot more reluctant to tip multiples of thousand here, compare to Chaturbate. Many people are happy to tip me an equivalent of 5,000 coins in to see my tits.

Day of the week affect the earnings

Below is a table that shows the average amount earned according to the day of the week.

Most models know that middle of the week is bad. In’s case in this month, Thursday is worst, followed by Wednesday.

We know Monday is not great either because for most people play during weekend, and by Monday they have to get back to work. Some may even have to work overtime to catch up with the work accumulated from weekends. Same situation with the middle of the week. Work starts to pile up. People would want to catch up or clear up before weekends so they may be working late and thus spend less time online.

Models who have limited time available to go online should choose wisely which day to broadcast.

Monday $118.3313.6%
Tuesday $126.2814.5%
Wednesday $107.8012.4%
Thursday $103.4911.9%
Friday $126.8214.5%
Saturday $140.2416.1%
Sunday $149.1817.1%
Average earnings of models on based on the day of the week

Lovense/earnings from toys

Most models have relied on Lovense Lush or interactive sex toys like Flamingo to get people engaged. The pricing for activating the different strength and duration of the toys affect a model’s earning greatly.

Pricing for activating the toy of one of the popular models.

I visited one of the busiest rooms on to find out what’s the normal price for playing with the toys. As she is popular, the minimum is 200 coins for level 1 (the lowest strength) instead of 100 coins (default setting suggested by But her highest level only costs 1,000 coins which worth only $0.5 to the model.

By comparison, in Chaturbate, here’s what I found and I know this is not even the default setting which is higher.

If we compare the pricing of Chaturbate and, we can easily see that the models in Chaturbate can charge more for activating the Lovense than Therefore, for the same amount of time spent on using the Lovense Lush, models can earn more on CB than

Lush (coins)eqv to $Chaturbate (tokens)eqv to $
1200          $0.101          $0.05
2500          $0.2515          $0.75
3700          $0.3525          $1.25
41000          $0.5050          $2.50
5100          $5.00
Comparison of pricing of Lovense sex toy activation between Chaturbate and

Conclusion is a Spanish site. I don’t know if there’s the expectation that Spanish speakers spend less. It seems that both the spenders spend less on and even the top models do not earn as much as the top girls from the other sites.

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