What is Chaturbate

What is Chaturbate?

Chaturbate CamChaturbate is a pretty cool webcam chat site which any adults can join to broadcast and/or watch, all in one account.

It apparently, has also won the Webcam Site of the Year for 2014 and 2013 by Fan Choice Award, the Fanny’s.  Though Streamate also has lots of girls been nominated in Adult Webcam Awards 2015.

Free Tokens for Chaturbate

How to get free tokens for Chaturbate – a question that many people asked.  See this post for the total solution.

What’s special about Chaturbate?

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6 thoughts on “What is Chaturbate”

  1. Knight_Passion

    Hi there!

    I know I’m late but here’s my longer answer that I promised you. I’ve only visited three places. I started off on Cam4 then found Chaturbate and MFC.

    I enjoyed cam4 while I was there and there were a few models I kept up with but their tokens seem to be a hair higher priced than the others and I don’t think their video quality is up to the others. That’s just a personal opinion. No basis in fact.

    Chaturbate is neat from the models point of view because of the apps that can keep track of tips toward a goal and update the total so it’s current at all times. They can do other things but I think that’s the most useful. Video quality is great especially on the HD cams. I think they are the only site that uses moderators too. That’s sort of a double edged sword as power drunk moderators can intimate some of the users. The “greys” tend to get a bad wrap and are treated like second class citizens sometimes. I could have 500 tokens and if I tip them all *Poof* I’m grey again. Also I feel there are just as many blues making stupid comments are greys… there are just fewer blues so it give the illusion it’s all coming from the greys. However… having said all that a good moderator can definitely help out a room by maintaining order. I don’t like the video hosting of Chaturbate. They compress them way too much so they look crappy plus they are a bit touchy when a model offers them by email in addition to the onsite version. I know of one model who was warned because of that when she did nothing wrong in my opinion. They are so afraid they won’t get their cut of the tokens.

    MFC seems to have more relaxed rules than CB. (Geesh I should have been abbreviating that all along). It has more features than the others. MFC mail and such. Video is excellent especially with good HD cameras. There are no moderators here though. Tokens are a hair cheaper in small quantities than the others.

    Hmmm.. there was something I was going to say about CB… Oh yeah… Having moderators means the model is bugged by people that keep saying “I’ll mod for you”. Personally I would NEVER make someone a moderator that asked me too if I was a model.

    Anyway, this is what comes to mind off the top of my head. Haven’t seen you around in a while. Hope you are well! Take care of yourself!


  2. Thank you Jim for your reply. It’s good to have a viewer’s point of view. Mine is kinda mix – mostly model’s and some viewer’s (when I lust after a hunk or girl of my taste. Lols)

    I haven’t cammed in Cam4. It’s on my list to be tried out. In the past, they are just a platform to list the models and don’t even handle billing so it felt very inadequate. Little did I know they have grown so much now!

    Cam4 does have moderator. Maybe less models use it? Coz the models have to assign them every session, not like CB it last for a specific period of time. (See my Cam4 post)

    And I agreed that CB’s video compressed too much. They just want you to chat and watch online so you will keep coming back to tip! Having said that, I noticed that my broadcasting looks better and sharper in Bongacams than CB using same hardware and internet connection.

    As for MFC, I am afraid they don’t like models to be toooo mature. 45 years old is their limit so I am just over ……

    Anyway, thanks Jim. Do let me know if you find any new cam sites or good fun cam news? 🙂


  3. Knight_Passion

    I couldn’t really remember if Cam4 had moderators or not. It’s been a long time since I was there but I did tour through there real quick before I wrote that… but as I said… *real quick* 🙂

    I understand CB compressing the videos as they really don’t want to get into the hosting business for HD videos I’m sure but they do go overboard and they don’t seem to like models providing external links to other hosting services either from what I have witnessed anyway. I know one girl that was warned for it although I think lots of them do it anyway. Personally I LOVE HD videos 🙂

    I peeked in on your room the other night when you were on Bongacams but as a guest only. Video quality looked good! You looked great 🙂 Was good to see you again.

    I hadn’t heard of an age limitation on MFC. How in the world do they limit or discourage the age? There’s plenty of “mature” (and I hate to use that word) women that could hold their own with most of the other models there. Case in point…. YOU! There was another model I used to visit quite often too on Cam4 that was older. I adored her. She was hot and friendly to everybody. Really fun to chat with.

    It’s been nice “talking” to you Hony!



  4. Hi,

    just found this post. From a user and camgirls S.O. prospective, and having been @ Cb and MFC for quite awhile, thought I’d toss 2 cents your way . MFC simply treats the models better. They reply in a very timely manner [usually], do what they can to help and solve any problems [tech and DMCA]. Also as said, they are fair with the rules and enforcement. The only immediate “turn off the feed” seems to still be ‘man on cam’ which is fine since its a totally female site. CB on the other hand.. bans you at the drop of a hat and gives no reason. Then its up to the model to work their way thru the multiple mails to get someone to respond and then hopefully reinstate the account. There are hoards of unhappy folks that seem to use the “report” button just to mess with you so banning your account without investigation is absurd. As of late, CB has also decided to not let models have shows anywhere outside, not even in their own fenced, private backyard, porch, around their pool or anywhere else they deem as outside. IF there are other folks visible then sure, absolutely, but in your own private place ? I am glad tho that CB finally banned the popular public library shows…. a few girls were just too brazen for a place that usually has minors around.

    My GF uses both sites. When shes in ‘prime time” and things are rolling well, she prefers MFC. If its a monday-tuesday or a slow day as in around some holiday, she will hang around CB simply because there’s no cam score to contend with and thus no “tokens per hour” pressures. We also like the mod feature @ CB. its easy to avoid the ‘begging to be modded’ simply by having the trusted friend/mod handle it. If MFC had such a function, more basics would be allowed to chat instead of a muting of all of them that has in my experience lent itself toward more grays/basics going premium.

    As for cam feed quality, I get much better quality HD feed from CB over MFC. I also like the availability @Cb of the model being able to spend her earned tokens to tip other models instead of like MFC having to make a totally separate “perv account” and then buy tokens @ full price.

    Oh, last thing is the age.. MFC has easily a dozen gals over 50. 2 are frequently in the top 100 models. That said, my guess is the written age thing is simply to keep the site on the younger looking side. One of the more … “renowned” older gals that goes by the name of EgyptBeauty has been there a very long time and shows no signs of giving up even tho her cam score keeps her on the back page.
    Jon ;~D

  5. That’s good to know, Jon.

    Yes, the age 18-45 for MFC has stopped me even trying to apply as a model. I thought they will simply reject it coz I am not faking my age. Maybe I shall give it a try.

    Thanks again Jon. Do keep me and other viewers and models post if you see any fun / good / horrible cam sites. Lols


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