How to Choose a Good Moderator

When I wrote an article about how someone cheat in my chatroom on Chaturbate and pretended to give me lots of tokens for tips, it created a little stir about how a moderator (aka mod) in a chatroom can help on this plus other good qualities of a good moderator should have.  I’ll sum it up here so both models and moderators can reflect.

What is a Moderator

To moderate is to make or become less extreme, intense, rigorous, or violent.  Therefore a moderator in a chatroom on internet is someone who controls the atmosphere of the room, stosp and removes any extreme or unpleasant comments while the model of the room can both concentrate and be comfortable to do whatever he/she wants in the room.

Basic Duties of a Moderator

  • Keep good discipline of the chatroom which include removing rude comments, rude people
  • Make his existence known but not dominating the room.
  • Encourage viewers to appreciate and tip the model without the model ever has to ask her/himself
  • Respect everyone in the chatroom, including the Greys (viewers with no tokens)

Moderator of a Higher Level

  • Help the model to create a open, friendly and chatty atmosphere in the room
  • Let the model be comfortable and relax.
  • Let the model be the star.
  • Not someone who enjoy having high power in the room.
  • Helping in the room has higher priority than his own sexual desires and needs.
  • Do not celebrate silencing.

Signs of an Unsuccessful Moderator

  • If the mod is being second guessed or the model has to ask why did he silence that person then they have a communication problem.
  • The mod becomes in charge of the whole room and the model becomes an actress who is there to act out the mod’s directions.
  • A mod who disrespects viewers with no tokens (aka the Greys in Chaturbate)
  • A mod who announces that “I am off duty to full screen to enjoy the show, You guys behave” is not a responsible mod.
  • Viewers begin to leave the room because the mod seems unreasonable or too dominant.

How can a Model Choose a Good Mod

A moderator is someone that the model can trust completely.  Therefore the model should know his/her mod pretty well before he/she grants the power to the mod.  This means:

  • First, the model should have known the mod for quite a while to know his/her personality.  You need someone nice, friendly, quick-witted and preferably humorous to kill dead air or deal with difficult situations.
  • Any real fan of the model will look after her and protect her in the room but it can become obsessive.  And when the mod becomes too possessive then he is not helping the model to get more fans.
  • The mod needs to understand the webcam chat site well enough to know the ways the system works.

Communication between a Mod and Model

A model should communicate clearly his/her expectations with the mod. Do clarify these points before the mod starts executing his power.

  • under what conditions the mod should silence or ban a viewer
  • how much personal details the model is willing to reveal to public despite the mod may have known more than the general crowd of viewers
  • how often the mod should encourage/beg for tips.  I personally don’t like to beg for tips but annoyingly if you do ask, you do get something.  Similarly, not all mods like to ask for tips.  This is the subtle balance to make both model and mod happy.

Any other thoughts about choosing or being a moderator for chatroom?  Do leave me a message and tell me how you think or feel about moderators in general.  🙂

Not appointed as a moderator yet?  There’s always other ways to get connected with your favorite model – send her a e-gift (popular in Flirt4free) or send her messages within the cam sites (Camcontacts and Flirt4free both support that).

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16 thoughts on “How to Choose a Good Moderator”

  1. One day, my mod PM me and told me that it was the first time he masturbated in my room (This is 2 months after he started moderation for me). I was somewhat offended by this remark at first until he explained that normally he has to concentrate on moderation and was too distracted to enjoy the show.

    I am touched. Thank you.

  2. Hmmm.. this fact about your mod can result out of different reasons:

    1. He developed faster moddings skills (“between-the-silencing-fapping”)
    2. He developed new masturbating skills ( “left-hand-fapping”)
    3. Your room visitors are all good and behave very nicely now, after two month (“nothing-else-to-do-fapping”)
    4. You changed your show into a big “turn-on” for you mod (“who-cares-for-silencing-fapping”)
    5. Your mod is mutating to an “over-mod” -The Magic Moderator (“now-I-use-superpower-fapping”)

    I hope you don’t mind that I look at it in a, more or less, funny way. Live is serious enough and this is one of the problems that can be “solved”.. 🙂

  3. I go into some models rooms and all I see is RED RED RED everywhere. IT seems that in some rooms it seems like a High School Reunion or something and all the MODS chat back and forth and back and forth nad take up the whole chat. This is intimidating to others who think WHY IN THE HELL AM I HERE if I can not get a chat in and then the model will never see it. I think mods shouls let their presence be known they are in the room but not be dominant and be the room ( if that makes sense ). As I stated earlier about talking down to grays and calling them names and being an ass to them…..WE WERE ALL GRAY AT ONE TIME and a gray is a potential blue with one click of a button.

  4. Thanks for the input. I can imagine too many REDs chatting to one another can make the rest of them feel like an outsider. I will add this to the post.

    GRAY – I know. Grays can be:
    1) the silent watchers
    2) chat or ask questions occasionally
    3) “show face” “open chest bb” and not even a “please”

    As @SerCheif said, a good mod doesn’t celebrate silencing. We shouldn’t behave just as low as those who disrespect us.

  5. I think you made a good approach to this. It also makes me think:

    – shouldn’t a mod has the same right to stare at the video like everybody else?
    – Why should he miss out?
    – if a mod should just do his job and ignore his own needs, should the model compensate him other ways?

  6. Relating to your last post, here are my opinions:
    -NO, he has not. For me, beeing mod means to have full overview over the chat AND the room: Follow the discussion and questions in chat to be able to help, give advice, sent PM with info, and also silence rude comments. If I am on full screen or focussed on sexual actions I can’t do this.
    -he should miss out because of this reasons and because of he agreed to be a moderator for the model.
    -a mod should be grown up enough to care for his needs him/herself. Talking with the model is one of the main things as mod, so it should be clear what he/she wants/needs for the “work” (but if it is work for a mod, he has the wrong “job”) – I do this only for friends because of all this above reasons.

    my personal development shows how I was getting there:
    First I was grey (yeahh. all for free) status: who cares
    Then I came to her room… so much fun, distraction, so sexy (feeling some kind if guilty for giving nothing) status: like
    I bought my first tokens and gave it to her (talking the first time ever in a room) status: love
    I joined her fanclub (omg a green asss – all videos.. ) status: adore
    she made me a mod (what? why? omg how can I even silence someone?) status: I will base-jump from everywhere she wants
    Finally we talked about everything status: friends

    So guys/girls seriously think about to ask for beeing a moderator in a room. It has nothing to do with power and might… if you do it just for this, sexual interest and free gifts (or for not beeing grey) you can hardly be a good mod…

  7. Compensation???
    I prefer appreciation..
    The smile on her face when you enter the room..
    And the Thank you at the end are all I ever need..

    But I never commit to being there every day..
    And I stop as soon as I start feeling like a pimp..

    As a mod you never get to go full screen…
    And have to pay attention to every post…
    But I get great satisfaction from silencing insulting comments before the model ever reads them.. It feels good to prevent the pain… kinda like snatching the bullet out of the air..
    If a guy has a rude nickname.. I will already have my mouse over the silence, after his first comment..

    Any mod that takes the time to warn a grey can’t be to bad… and warnings give a clearer idea to everyone what the rules are…

    Modding rules are not black and white…
    Every model is different… and even the same model can have many moods..

    We just chaperone the dance..

  8. I agree Joe with everything you said..Maybe if the model wants to he/she can maybe give fee membership into fan club if that is possible or if the model does password show then maybe the model can let the mod in for free. The person when becomes a mod kind of takes on the responsibility to look out for the model and not be with the model so to speak.

    I see in some rooms when a show starts or when goal is met I will see mods type in..going full screen for a while so I will not be chatting or silencing so guys this is not his/her responsibility to not look out over the room and watch the show..IF YOU WANT O BE A MOD….THEN BE A MOD…IF NOT..GO BLUE and enjoy watching the model.

  9. Never been a mod, I’ve never thought deeply about the feelings and responsibilities of one. Very good input from you all. I learnt a lot. 🙂

  10. hi Hony, i also want to mention something even if it is offtopic here a bit. Maybe you can pick up some of my thoughts …. and please keep in mind that i just only express MY personal opinion! Others might think different.
    Q: Why the mods mostly silence “grey’s” and seldom “blue’s”?
    For a better understanding i want to compare all of them with children. I think, the blue’s are more experienced with the system and thats why they behave more matured. The grey’s are more new to the system and they might have less experience with the rules of the rooms. Like small children. They still needs some help to become more matured (and possibly blue some day). So from my point of view it would help them (and the mods as well) if there is a clear section with the rules for the room in the bio of the model. Even something like the following sentence should be mentined there: “Dear visitor, please keep always in mind that you are a guest in this room just like a friend who is visitng friends. If you want to be welcome like a friend, so behave like a friend and stay always politely and friendly and we can have a good time together!”
    Even if i know this wont solve all the problems in a room, but i still have the hope it might help to get a more peaceful atmosphere ….

    There is another point that should be mentioned in the bio i think: “To be silenced doesnt means you are not welcome here. So please use the time to read the bio and the rules carefully and return back as a friend with a good and respectful behave after the silence period is over and you will not be silenced again.”

    I hope you get me well Hony …. and if you have some further question, just feel free to ask me whatever you like ….

    Kind regartds

  11. Klaus, you have a good point about mod rarely silencing the blues. I suppose mods don’t want to look as though he is kicking away tippers in the model’s eyes? Blues also beg but both models and mods hope that he will tip soon and so no verbal warning of begging or silencing happen.

    I’ve seen you warning the viewers in my room. I think it’s a good thing you do – make the rules clear and they are given chance to behave nicely.

    Posting of rules and the “silence statement” are both good to have in model’s profile. It also makes the profile looks more human – not just full of “tip me! spoil me!” business. Good thought!

    Thanks Klaus!

  12. From my point of view. A mod should first know what is exactly what the model want …. every room is different and every model is not the same.
    For example: I mod 2 rooms … both very different ( in traffic of people and in what the model want ) in one, the model put on us very clear the rules to be a mod there and what is what she want, in the other room is up to us what when we decide to silence.
    Is very important for a mod knows when he have to become a quiet mod and when to talk, and is also super important to let the blues know the he is not the enemy or the center of the room, make them feel welcome and free to talk (always in a respectful way)
    I understand what Steve Lee post there, is true, sometimes is like a red sea … that is why not everyone is ready for that “red suit”.
    That is just my opinion, I can be wrong, but that is my way to see the things in CB

  13. Just a thought –

    1) do moderators think they should tip just as much as they normally do before?
    2) if the mod has tipped less after he becomes mod, does it mean he is too distracted to be involved and enjoy the show; or does he think that he is on the model’s side now and so you don’t tip “yourself”?

  14. Relating to your “tipping” question I have this opinion:

    If a model mod me because.. or only mod me if… I tip her I won’t do this at all. Higher tipping and moderating are two pair of shoes and people who tip big amounts online don’t want to be bothered with modding stuff, because it needs time and focus and a very different “relationship” to the model than beeing moderator.

    As a moderator I tip the model because of the following reasons:
    – I want to make her smile and good mood and give her a nice feeling.
    – I don’t feel authentic if I encourage others to tip but tip nothing at all (that did not mean that I have to tip high amounts).
    – If we are far from goal it gets things forward… and closer to the goal means more hope for all to reach it together.

    I won’t tip for:
    -to show what smart, nice, rich or whatever guy I want to be…. normally I do higher tips offline, because I am worry that maybe other won’t tip then, thinking like ” well, beside this tip I look small and it will look cheap”
    -to get the “mod-job” at all
    – to finish the goal… I am there to help the model, also to get tokens, but I will never tip almost the whole goal because then all others are getting a free show for nothing and always think: “Ahh.. Joe is here, so we only have to wait and pray that he gets his salary before…”

    To sum things up: My online tips are less or same as before my modding tasks, but the reasons behind changes in some way.. we are friends, so the tips or the amount doesen’t matter at all – I keep her back and she keeps mine.

  15. Joe, I agreed with your point – high tippers and moderators are two different types of people.

    I have made a high tipper to be moderator once but he is not interested in the work. He said yes to please me but I can tell he would rather enjoying the show than be the policeman in the room. In the end, I introduced other moderators in the room so he didn’t have to do much and then expired after a month.

    And somehow, I noticed that I started to making the Greys to be moderators. Maybe they have their reasons for not being able to tip and so would rather offer services to show the appreciation instead?

    As for tipping, I’ve heard other models said that “Don’t turn your tippers to moderators or they will stop tipping”. I can imagine it becomes something like, the moderator feels that he is on the model’s side now so you don’t tip “yourself”. He is supposed to help the model to pull in more tips rather than he cough up the money to reach the model’s goal.

    Also, how much is that the model and moderator become better friends so one feels you don’t tip your friend, as in, the boyfriend will not tip or pay the girlfriend for having sex.

    The whole modding business is not that simple. It deserves its own monograph.

  16. Steven Matzenbacher

    JOE is 100% right in his analogy. I see so many models make mods out of their high tippers and that’s ok as long as they understand why they were moded. I am in a couple rooms where the mods are the only ones that tip and I mean they tip big so there is no incentive for others in the room to tip cause they will make sure goals are met. If for whatever reason these mods decide to not come into that room then that model will go broke cause they are the only tippers.

    When I mod I hardly ever tip unless it is like Joe stated that things are slow or to get the ball rolling and of course like Joe said how can I ask others to tip if I do nto tip also. I understand it is a privilege to be a mod. I do nto mod to stick my chest out or to fulfill my ego like some others do. I robably let things go when I mod that most mods will silence for cause my way of thinking is that WE ALL WERE GREY WHEN WE STARTED so I give tham a break unless they get WAY out of line..

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