BBC The truth About Webcam Girls – Part I

I saw this article in the UK news site about the BBC documentary “The Truth about Webcam Girls”.  Out of curiosity, I wonder what did BBC try to put in the general public’s eyes about cam girls.  It all depends on the research team’s personal punter experience.  Lols.

As it is produced by the BBC, it’s UK-oriented, or first-world cam girls oriented.  They are not even immigrants, let alone the experience of cam girls from poorer countries when there is no job and the sex industry is their way out.

The tv programme features 3 UK cam girls.  One is an ex-porn star but now she just wants to earn some quick money and go back to college.  Another is a current porn star while the third one is a glamour model who wants the cam to help to boost her fame.

This BBC programme is not showing the whole picture of Cam World

Firstly, these girls are all professionals. I suppose the tv crew will have difficulties finding the real amateurs who perform on cam because we all have a private life to face.  If she is already a porn star then it’s not much of a secret to friends and families if she does live webcam show too.  But you can’t expect an undergraduate or housewife to show her face and acts on tv to reveal her part-time job.  But the mindset, the experience and the problems of these models are missing.  This documentary is not giving a full view of cam models to the public.

Secondly, it gives the public the idea that cam girls can easily earn loads of money.  The documentary said the ex-porn star pulls in £350 (about USD550) a day and all from the comfort of their own bedrooms. Yes, they work long hours but we all work long hours!  How many young people watch this and want to have a go?  They may forget that we are talking about all three professional models who know how to pose and how to act and tease and be seductive to lure viewers money in front of a camera.  Not everyone can earn that much on a cam site. Take Chaturbate as an example.  Some girls may have a target of 5,000 tokens to achieve for a cum show.  With Chaturbate, the model gets $0.05 per token. 5000 tokens x $0.05=USD250.  It may take her many hours to get to 5000 and it depends very much on the vibe of the room too.  I have seen a girl with over 2000 viewers in her room, she was pumping herself with a dildo and then squirted a few times in 5 minutes.  And there was not one single tip.  Even the moderator in the room asked for a tip … but no. Both the girl and the moderator were disappointed.  It’s definitely not as easy as one thinks: take all the clothes off, wiggle the bottom, close up to the pussy or play with sex toys and money will flood in. No.

Thirdly, the programme talked about the cam girls charging a very high amount per minute.  The top model charges £3.50/minute (USD5.8/min) for a private show.  It’s only true if the webcam model is an indy girl (independent cam girl) who broadcast through, say, Skype or Yahoo by booking, then she will receive the full payment.  If, however, she works for big webcam chat sites like Flirt4free, Camcontacts or Chaturbate, they only get a per cent of the per minute charge, from 50% to as low as 30%.  In Chaturbate, the average private show cost is 30 or 60 tokens/min.  That means 30 x $0.05 or 60 x $0.05 which is USD 1.5 or USD 3.0 per minute.

To be cont’…

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3 thoughts on “BBC The truth About Webcam Girls – Part I”

  1. That is a very good blog so far. Most Points mentioned are valid. In my oppinion it is also very important for cam-models to interact with the audience, not only flashing but also a) remember names of regular visitors, b) asking them questions and c) visit their cams too when they broadcast.
    More to come….

  2. I should have read part II before I have posted my comments. You are totally right, needless to add anything to part II.

    And you are also totally right – still more to come…

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