BBC The truth About Webcam Girls – Part II

My previous post talked about the BBC documentary of UK webcam world is giving an incomplete view of the sex cam world.  It’s the “Incomplete Truth about Webcam Girls“. Lols

Where are the failed cam models?

Having only showcased already professional to become successful webcam models, and ignored all amateur cam-models’ stories is one problem of this documentary.  Where are the failures?

Being an interactive webcam chat model, is very different from:

  • a porn star who follows the director’s instruction to act out the poses and actions in a porn movie.  It’s a continuous act and no interaction between the model and audience.
  • a glamour model who again, just strikes her sexiest, most seductive pose and the photographer is happy.  A sexy pose is only the first step to attract attention from audience.
  • a pretty girl with perfect body.  Yes, it helps a lot if she is beautiful, sensual and has a wonderful curvy body.  But a webcam girl needs the whole package of a perfect girlfriend.

Many webcam viewers are very demanding these days.  Both due to

  • the keen competition between models so the cam girls just have to provide more varieties or give out more for free,  Sites like Chaturbate allows hardcore actions outside paid private shows so audience have plenty to choose from.
  • viewers often push to see how little they can pay but get more.

Successful Webcam Girls are not just professional sexy porn movie stars

  • Webcam chat is very interactive.  The model will do a short show but also need to chat and interact with the audience in between the shows which is a lot of the time.
  • The model has to be pleasant, friendly, fun, cheerful and responsive to all kinds of requests.
  • The vibe of the chatroom is very important.  Fine adjustments are required to maintain the sexy mood. Not too much or not too little.
  • The model has to change the show or performance as the topic or fetish of the room changed.
  • Lots of models also run different games like lucky draw or monthly/festive competition to encourage high tips.
  • And the list goes endless….

It’s easily said than done to stay pleasant, horny and cheerful for hours and hours.  Many models may earn a few hundred tokens only (say, USD 25.0) for a few hours’ work!  So, BBC Documentary, please don’t make webcamming sounds as though it’s easy money for the dim wit blondes who just lie comfortably in bed.  It needs a lot of skills to be engaging and successful.

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