Fun and Meaning of Webcam Chat ID

What is a Webcam Chat ID?

When we do webcam chatting in any web site, we need to create a user ID, nickname or whatever you call it to identify ourselves.  It is also a name for the other people to identify you.

Significance of your Chat ID

We probably never think about the significance of the ID when we sign up a webcam chat site like Chaturbate or Streamate.  It’s just a login ID to the site, right? However, it’s also the very first impression that the other person received.  The performer may want a name that is easier to remember and yet represent your niche, specialities or feeling you want the viewers have about you.  As for the viewer, you may want to reveal as little as possible about yourself, or you may want the cam model knows exactly what you like and what sort of person you are.

Girls with chat ID like asianhotchick, blondjane and blackpearl shouts your look.  hornymilf, latexJenny or mistressRuth defines your niche clearly.

Guys called heelslover71, lovepaintedtoes, wild4feet, areolaLick or bignipfan says clearly what they are looking for.  While whatever4567 or doesnotmatter shows their attitude towards the whole cam chat.

explain_love, broken_heart1975, iamnotherguy show some lost, broken hearts there.

iwouldliketocallyoumine shows a gentle and loving mind.

oh! I love people’s chat ID!  Let me categorize them. Lols

Hot chat girls’ names:

  • honytsoi (of course!!!  lols)

Hot chat guys’ names:

  • uncut20 (if you are looking for un-cut)
  • doesnotmatter63 (my favorite!)
  • jay37fun

Sad names:

  • nolovenolove
  • broken_heart1975
  • thisisyourfault
  • lovemenothim (Hope you find your true love soon)

Fun names:

  • justdontknowanymore
  • doesnotmatter
  • icorrectgrammar
  • evilgrinner
  • whothefuckisthis

Romantic names:

  •  iamnotherguy
  • wishyouwerehere

Names about niche:

  • thickthighlover
  • lovecumfeet
  • marinelikespink: who does’t like pink pussy?  😉

Bad names for viewers:

  • penniless
  • myheartnsoul4maria (then go to your Maria and don’t come into my room!)

What is the funniest ID you have come across?

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6 thoughts on “Fun and Meaning of Webcam Chat ID”

  1. When you arrive at a new cam chat site and see a beauty, you fall in love at first sight. You register an account with this cam site right away so that you can spend more time with her and you name yourself “myheartnsoul4(girl’s name)”. Sounds romantic?

    It’s NOT when her status started to fade in your heart. And you look stupid when you go to another cam girl’s chatroom with that id. 🙁

  2. Today’s highlight in Chatubate:

    – iwantapornstargf : he wants a porn star girlfriend.
    – cmypenis: he really wants someone to see his penis


  3. Just saw a name of a very specific niche: thickthighlover. Do you like girls with thick thighs. I don’t have thick thighs but mine are toned. 😉

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